Soup Challenge #1

Participants in the Soup Challenge #1.

Participants in the Soup Challenge #1.

With the advent of colder weather, I’ve added canned soup to my menu plan. Not that I have a great eating plan but canned soup is easy and affordable. My eating plan is to eat less and make it as simple as possible … so … soup is a great candidate for a menu plan. Plus, it warms my tummy in cold weather.

So, in the last few days, I’ve opened and consumed these 5 cans of Campbell’s chunky soups.

The clear loser in this challenge is the Hearty Cheeseburger. I thought is would be the clear winner since I’m a fan of cheeseburgers, but it was absolutely gross and tasted nothing like a cheeseburger. It looked like a bowl of melted cheese with chucks of red and green and a little burger nuggets. Looked bad and tasted bad.

The runner-up for loser is the Baked Potato with Steak and Cheese. I’m also a steak and potato type of guy. But, this soup isn’t worth the name. Bad flavor, chucks of stuff that looked like steak but tasted nothing like steak. I believe the potatoes were rejects from McDonald’s. Avoid this at all costs.

The Mid Pack Finisher is the Chicken Noodle. Simple, refreshing with huge chucks of chicken and vegetables. Even the noodles are chunky. Miles ahead of the two losers. This is a favorite and should be a favorite for everyone.

The Runner Up is Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables. Excellent on every level. Big chunks of hamburger and vegetables. Beefy broth. Smelled and looked great in the bowl. A mile ahead of traditional vegetable soup with the chunks of sirloin (hamburger?).

The Winner is the Savory Chicken with White and Wild Rice. Maybe it was the chilly evening I enjoyed this soup. But the savory was a slight twist on the traditional chicken and rice soup. Perfect chunks of chicken and vegetables with wild and white rice.

(Not affiliated with Campbell’s … just an average consumer.)



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