A Low and a High


Can you believe it. Up 1.5 pounds. Geez. After last week’s mega loss I’m up again. And the most bummer is that I’m back above the 25 pound mark and had to hide the 25 pound trophy.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Last week my running was great. But, I’m sure my eating was too much. There was two nights of pizza. I had two beers over last weekend. My eating was never over whelming and never felt stuff or full. In fact, was a little hungry for most of the week.

The current 176.2 isn’t the highest I’ve been in this recent trend. At least it’s lower than my most recent high of 178.5 from November 12.

I’m a bit discouraged but still committed to getting to my goal of 155.

Over exposed photo the the Turkey Trot shirt and the bib.

Over exposed photo the the Turkey Trot shirt and the bib.

Race Report : Henry County YMCA Turkey Trot 5K

I was excited about this race. I felt trained and ready for it. No injuries. No illness. It was staged at the YMCA in Henry County Indiana. It was about an hour drive from the house so it was an early morning for me on a holiday. I arrived in time to pick up the bid and timing chip. There were about two hundred people lined up to run in the 5K or 10K. I ran in the 5K as I didn’t feel up for the 10K.

It was an out and back course on the Wilbur Wright fitness trail. It was great to run with other people, even though I didn’t know anyone there. And, it was great to run in the daylight.

For the 5K runners, it was one loop on the out and back course. For the 10K runners, it was two loops on the course. So, as I was finishing up my first mile the elite runners had already passed through the turn-around and were into their second mile. It was great to watch them as they flew by. Their form and stride were confident and fluid and fast. Unlike mine!

My first mile went really quick for me even though my split was 10:33. I was in the midst of the pack so my split was slower. Once the pack thinned out I was able to run faster. My second mile was 9:43 and my third was a 8:51. Wow! Since I was feeling really good I decided to see how fast I could go. So after the turn around I sped up. I can’t up the pressure until the finish. My total time was 30:08 for an average pace of 9:43! Wow. How great is this!

My time and average pace is what the Nike+ app recorded. I don’t know what the American Multi Sport timed my race. The results were not posted online immediately after the race.

After the weigh in this morning and gaining 1.5 pounds, this race time and average pace was a real sweet gift.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone … be thankful for someone.


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