A Symmetrical Run

I was pressed for time last night so I rushed home after the office closed. I only had about 90 minutes to get in a workout and then rush out to help my brother at the house he is trying to sell.

It was slightly chilled outside so it was a great opportunity to try out my new running gloves. I did my push ups, squats and crunches, stretched for a moment or two and ran out the door.

I set the Nike+ app to 3.5 miles. My first mile pace was 10:06. Wow, I felt like I was running slow but maybe not. The second mile was 10:06 and I was surprised that I could hold the same pace. The third mile was 10:06. Double Wow! I ran over the 3.5 mile mark to 3.62 miles. And, the final pace for the entire run was 10:06. The total time was 36:36. Calories burned was 458 and the elevation gain was 111 feet.

It was a symmetrical run on all level.

Although my right ham string was talking to me by the end of the run. I probably was going way too fast and probably need to slow down. Just a few weeks ago my average pace was about 10:30.

Tonight, I’ll take it a bit easy and try to run at 10:20 or so.


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