The Weekend of November 19 – 22

The weekend of November 19 – 22 was a mixed bag of activity.

First, I drove up to West Lafayette on Friday evening to see a good friend who is in the hospital. I’m glad she’s doing much better and was released on Sunday.

Second, on Saturday, I ran 4 miles straight in 40:11 for a pace of 10:03 for those miles. That is awesome! I continued the workout for another mile, but I walked and ran that mile. So, the total time for the 5 miles was 52:28 for a 10:26 pace. Not too bad for a sunny and bright yet chilly morning.

Third, the first accumulating snow for the season finally arrived. There was maybe an inch or so on the ground when the snow moved on but it all melted quickly. Bummer.

Fourth, started Christmas shopping for the kids and their boy friend and girl friends.

Fifth, actually met up with my second ex-wife to help her select a cordless drill. She and her significant other are buying a new house and she is wanting to stock up on tools.

Sixth, I bought my 25 pound trophy! Yay! I also bought a new pair of running gloves.

Seventh, sent a copy of the Equalizer Movie DVD starring Denzel Washington to an old high school friend. My nick name for him was the Equalizer. It was a take off from the old TV show Equalizer, starring Edward Woodard. I watched that show religiously.

Eighth, on Sunday, hiked about 4 miles through the back country of McCormick’s Creek State Park in Spencer Indiana. It was still cold and snowy but a bright and sunny day. Perfect for a hike. I could have gone longer had I left the house earlier. I didn’t leave until after noon and with the drive it put me at the park about 1:30. By 4:30 when I walked back to the car it was already getting dark in the forest.

So, overall, it was a good weekend. Wasn’t not able to work in the yard due to the snow but was productive in other areas.

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