Yay !!!! Down 3.8 pounds from last week. Finally. A weight loss. Yes. Finally. After weeks of holding steady and gaining weight, I finally lost some weight. Yay!

And, it’s a new low. I haven’t been at 174.7 on this effort. Yay! I hope this continues.

I am ever so thankful for a weight loss. I was extremely discouraged last week when I jump up to 178.5. I thought that there was no way I would ever get below the magical 25 pound mark at 175.7.

Celebrate with me! Yay! I finally lost 25 pounds since I started this weight loss effort back on June 25, 2015. That is 21 weeks, or 147 days. The 25 pound mark was my first milestone. My second milestone is the next 20 pounds.

Actually, my total weight loss since June 25 is now 26 pounds!! Double Yay! The average weekly weight loss is 1.2 pounds. This really helps my perspective since I was so discouraged last week.

And now, I can buy the 25 Pound Trophy.

Although, I still have a long way to go. My BMI is 28.2. I’m still in the higher end of the overweight range. I have 19.7 pounds to go before I reach my goal of 155. At 155 pounds, my BMI will be 24.9, which is a normal weight.

My eating was in better control last week. Although I did indulge in two donuts and a slice of birthday cake. Otherwise, it was in control. I’m also switching from Subway for dinner almost every night to just a bowl of soup. Not that I’m tired of Subway as it is so convenient but I really need to switch things up. The Campbell’s chunky soups are good with a few unsalted crackers. It’s enough for me.

Last night I finished the C25K program. I ran the 30 minute workout of Week 8 Day 3 without stopping. I walked the warm up and cool down. After the workout I did two of my sprints (a hundred yard dash). I hope that helps with my pace. I had a little running streak going for 3 days. I won’t be able to run this evening as all the kids and grand kids are coming over for dinner.

Thanks to everyone for their support and good wishes!


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