Week 8 Day 2

Ah … Week 8 Day 2. C25K. The second to last run. 28 minutes. No walking in those 28 minutes. Warm up with a 5 minute brisk walk and then run 28 minutes straight. Cool down with a 5 minute walk.

Yay …. !! 28 minutes later I was still running and ran though the 5 minutes cool down for a total of 32 minutes. How cool. How refreshing. What a high.

My Monday at work was long and slow. Arduous. Tedious. I was not able to run or exercise at all over the weekend. I helped my older brother move into his new house. Lots of boxes to carry and furniture to move. It was exercise at it’s best. Strength training and stair mastering at the same time. I was absolutely beat by Sunday evening. Come Monday evening I was missing the running’s high and needed to run. Even though I was still sore and hurting when I left for work, I still wanted to run.

At home, it was dark and raining. But I ran anyways. I ran through Week 8 Day 2 of the C25K program in the rain and darkness. It was great. It was perfect. The runner’s high came back. I felt energized. For the 38 minute workout, including walking, my total distance was 3.51 miles at a pace of 10:52. Wow … I believe this was my best C25K run so far.


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