Friday Night Long Run

I won’t be able to do any exercise tomorrow, Saturday 11/14. So, I took opportunity to get in a long run this evening (Friday 11/13). I got in 4.77 miles in 52:23 minutes. My pace for the total 4.77 miles was 10:58. Yay!

I made 3.5 miles without walking. My total time for that segment was 36:33 for a pace of 10:26. I started walking and running intervals at that point until I made the 4.77 distance.

It was a great run. Felt strong for most of the run. About 4 miles into the workout, my daughter and ex-wife called. Nothing serious was going on with them but I got ‘spooked’ when they called one after another. Their calls were unrelated to each other but I wanted to call back right away. So, I stopped to talk with them for a few minutes. I resumed running/walking after talking.

I will continue Week 8 Day 2 of the C25K program on Sunday.

Yay !!!!

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