Week 8 Day 1

I wasn’t worth much during the afternoon at work. I got side tracked on a project that didn’t capture my interest. I just moved through the motions, sluggish, kind of depressed  and didn’t give it my all. I realized what was really happening was I had lost my runner’s high from Monday evening!

Believe it or not, it was still day light outside when I got home from work. So, I quickly changed clothes, warmed up, did push ups and got outside. A lovely evening with warm temperatures to recapture the runner’s high.

The daylight didn’t last long. Half way into the workout the daylight faded and darkness quickly took over. But I ran on. The workout called for a 25 minute run without any walking intervals. But, I decided to run until the C25K app said the workout was over, which as about 30 minutes. The total distance was 3.18 miles for a 11:00 pace.

After I walk for a few minutes, I ran two of my ‘speed’ workouts. It’s my attempt to get faster. I believe the speed work distance is about hundred yards and I just run as fast as I can for that distance. I did it twice. My hamstrings were talking after the second round.

I got back the runner’s high and feeling good. Hopefully, I will feel a lot better in the morning (Thursday 11/12) when I weight in. Hopefully there is a weight loss waiting for me. I should double my effort at work to make up for the slacking I did this afternoon.

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