A New 5K

I was still on the runner’s high from the unofficial 5K from Saturday (11/06) morning. So Monday night I wanted to duplicate the 5K from Saturday morning.

It was already dark when I got home from work. And, it was raining. I thought a ‘real’ runner wouldn’t let darkness and rain stop him or her from getting in the miles. So, I got ready, stretched, did my push ups and warmup.

I ran the 3.2 miles in 33:05 with a pace of 10:39. Yay!! Not too bad for running in the dark and in a down pour. It was actually fun, battling the elements to get in a few miles. I’m sure normal people would have waited until the rain passed through and then started their run. But I was in such a hurry to see if I could repeat the 5k from Saturday that I wasn’t going to let the rain stop me.

It was a little ironic that the rain did taper off when I finished the miles.

I plan to start Week 8 of the C25K program on Wednesday evening and hopefully finish it this weekend. I know that I’ve already complete two unofficial 5k runs and know I can run a 5K now. But I won’t feel ‘complete’ until I finish the program.

2 thoughts on “A New 5K

  1. I’m doing a similar thing (thought I’m much slower than you!) – ran a full 30 minutes on what was supposed to be W7D2, but still feel like I need to “properly” finish the program. Did you feel the big jump in distance? My calves were so sore the day after.

    • Yes, I did feel a distance jump. It was so amazing! And encouraging. I feel like any distance is possible now. So cool that you did 30 minutes in Week 7. Like you, I feel the need to properly finish the program so I starting Week 8 tonight. Thank you and good luck. 🙂

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