An Unofficial 5K


The 4.5 mile route on November 11, 2015. Notice the pace graph with shows that I ran continuously for 3.2 miles and then started run/walk intervals until I reach 4.5 miles.

Yay … my first unofficial 5k. And, a week earlier than expected.

On Saturday, 11/6, I planned a ‘long run’ (running/walking) of 4.5 miles. I planned to run the first 2.75 miles straight without walking as I felt ‘trained up’ for that distance thanks to the C25K program.

I passed the 2.75 mile mark and felt strong so I thought I would continue to 3 miles. Once I got to 3 miles I felt enough energy to make it to 5K.

Yay. 5K. 3.2 miles.

My time for the 5K was 33:11. My pace was 10:41. Yay! Not too bad.

I started intervals of running and walking after the 5K distance and ended at 4.5 total miles. The time for the 4.5 miles was 49:55 for a 11:02 pace. According to the Nike+ app, the elevation gain was 199 ft and the calorie burn was 575.

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