Week 7 Complete

The C25K is a wonderful program. Week 7 Day 3 called for a 22 minute run followed by a 1 minute walk and then conclude the session with a 1 minute run. A total of a 23 minute run.

My first thought when I started the 22 minute run was that there is no way I could complete 22 minutes. However, the 22 minutes just flew by and I decided to run through the 1 minute walking interval and complete the 24 minute session without stopping to walk. Yay. A 24 minute run.

Seven weeks ago, when I restarted the C25K after my topple from the ladder resulting in the rib injury, I didn’t believe I could do it again.

Now, I believe almost anything is possible.

So, last night, my total distance for the workout was 2.89 miles and my pace was 11:48. Not too bad for an overweight middle age runner wannabe.

I ran through Week 7 Day 2 on Wednesday night (11/4). That workout was slow but I was able to make it through the 20 minutes ok. Although, at the end of the workout, I found some extra energy and thought I would do some ‘speed work’. I usually avoid that. Speed work sounds hard and not much fun. But, I thought I would give it a try just to see what happens. I estimated the distance between stop signs to be about 100 yards and ran as fast as I could. I did this twice and timed myself on the second try. I covered the distance in about 59 seconds. I don’t know if that is good or bad but it took a lot of effort and determination to keep up the pace for that distance. I should do this at least once a week. I read somewhere that speed work helps you run faster. Running faster is a goal so I should do this “speed work”.

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