Still On The Plateau


Geez. Up .1 pounds. Double Geez.

I enter November weighing 176.9. I entered October weighing 176.8. I’m starting to dislike, strongly dislike, the number 176.

Although I am greatly frustrated with this slight weight gain, I’m certain that I’m at fault this week. I gave into a bag of Halloween candy over the weekend, drank two beers, and ate two cream filled donuts. So, my eating wasn’t totally out of control but it wasn’t as tight as I would like. So I’m probably lucky that it wasn’t a complete disaster with a mega weight gain.

My exercise was wonderful for the week. I completed Week 6 and started Week 7 of the C25K program. Ran/Walk a long run on Sunday (11/1) of 4.25 miles. Got on the Bowflex once.

With this slight weight gain this week, I can’t buy my 25 pound trophy. I will need to wait until next week. Hopefully I can do that next week. Bummer. I need to weigh below 175.7 to buy the trophy.

I’ve been 19 weeks on this weight loss effort. Don’t really want to quit. I’m handling the frustration and disappointment better than I thought I would. So, I will continue for this next week and for the near future. My goal is to weigh under 155 so there is much more work to be done.

Is there any evidence of success? Thankfully, there is.

  • The increase in the exercise is the primary evidence. I feel that since I’m able to run further is good evidence that I’m getting healthier.
  • I’m almost finished with the C25K program and looking forward to running longer.
  • I also added push ups to my routine and have a goal of accumulating one thousand push ups. Currently, I’m at 62 push ups.
  • I feel that my waist size is shrinking, even though the scale weight isn’t going down. I’m at the 3rd notch on the belt. My clothes feel a bit baggy.
  • I feel that I’m getting thinner but maybe that is just in my head.
  • I do enjoy not eating as much as I once did, even if I did indulge in Halloween candy this past week.
  • Even though my 120 day Ticket on the Wagon expired in late October, I haven’t gone out to binge drink.

So, even though the scale isn’t moving much at least there is some evidence that I’m doing ok. I just wish the scale would show movement in the positive direction!

Wishing everyone success in their weight loss efforts.

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