Sunday Long Run And Goal

Is 4.27 miles a long run? It is for me. At least right now it is. And I’m wiped out from the 4.27 miles.

I ran the first 2.4 miles straight, no walking. Then I alternated walking and running until I reached 4.27 miles. My pace was 11:46 for the 50:18 minutes I was outside. The Nike+ running app says my elevation gain was 280 ft and I burnt 547 calories.

The burnt calories are good as I helped myself to the left over candy from Halloween. The official time in Indianapolis to Trick or Treat was from 6-8 pm. Earlier that day I bought $10 in candy (half price from the local CVS – their Halloween candy was already on sale !!). So, I was ready for the lines of Trick or Treaters.

And no one showed up.

Geez. Don’t know why no one knocked on my door. I saw a few kids roaming the neighborhood. The neighbor pointed out that I didn’t have my porch light on.

Oh … should have known better.

So, I over ate on the left over Halloween candy last night and so the 547 calories from this morning’s run can apply to the candy calories I need to work off.

The elevation gain is a surprise to me. I know the back side of the neighborhood I run in has a slight incline over a half mile but I could never gauge how much of an incline. Over the 4.27 miles it must 280 feet. So cool.

I’m feeling so much better than I did last week. Not as depressed nor ill as this time last week. Yay! So, I’m setting two goals for the first week in November.

The first goal is to start and finish Week 7 of the C25K program and run a long run of 4.5 on the weekend. I should be able to do this. It is only 4 exercise sessions. Should be doable.

The second goal is to weigh in below 175.7 this week. If this occurs then I will have (finally) reached my first 25 pounds. And, then, I decided that I am going to buy a 25 pound dumbbell from the sporting goods store to consistently remind me of the 25 pounds I’ve lost. Hopefully this will motivate me and encourage me to keep off the 25 pounds.

25 pounds isn’t the end of the effort for me. I need to lose 45 pounds total. But, 25 pounds is a good milestone and I don’t want to go backwards on this effort and I thought the dumbbell would be a visual reminder of the lost weight.


Well, that’s it for now. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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