Turkey Trot Result Analysis

I was a little disappointment when I looked up my time and result for the 2016 Henry  County Turkey Trot. The results listed me at 31:05.7 for a pace of 10:02.

However, the Nike+ App has my result at 30:08 for a pace of 9:43.

American Multi Sport timed the race on Gun Time and not Chip Time. Nor was there any starting corrals since there was only 200 or so runners and walkers at the race. And since it’s my policy to place myself near nor at the back of the starting pack, it took a minute or so to get to the starting line and start running. So, that is the discrepancy between the Nike+ app time and the AMS time. I started the app as I approached the start line.

The AMS results had me in 62nd place out of the 208 5K runners. I placed third in my Male 50-54 age group. The first place finisher in my age group ran a 7:20 pace for the 5K. And, he is older! Wow! There were 5 people in my age group. The lead runner (not in my age group) in the 5K covered the distance in 18:19.7 for a pace of 5:55. Extreme Wow!

Of course, I prefer the Nike+ app result over the AMS result as it is a bigger ego stroke for me. A 9:43 pace compared to a 10:02. However, I’m happy with the ‘official’ 10:02 pace. When I started the C25K program for the second time in late August 2015, I could hardly push through the first week’s workouts. I would have never believe I could run a 10:02 mile eight weeks later.

On Sunday, 11/29, there was a sunny and relatively warm break in the cold and rainy weekend weather. So, I found my running shoes and went out for a ‘long run’. I couldn’t run on Saturday, so I was thankful for the weather break to get in a run.

My total distance for the long run was 5.26 miles. I covered the distance in 55.35 for an average pace of 10:11. I ran the first 4.25 miles straight, without stopping. I took two walking breaks in the last mile. I gained 243 feet in elevation and consumed 666 calories.

My spilt times :

  • 1 mile : 9:51
  • 2 mile : 9:43
  • 3 mile : 9:42
  • 4 mile :10:03
  • 5 mile :11:31

After the fourth mile, my pace really declined as that is when I took the walking breaks. Although, I could feel the growing fatigue late in the third mile. However, the average pace was good enough to net a 4:26:00 marathon finished, if my stats are extruded over 26.2 miles.

Tonight, I plan to do at least 3.5 miles. Of course, I’ll be running in the dark and possibly in the rain. I’ve been thinking about renewing my membership to Planet Fitness so I can use their treadmills during adverse weather. I may even buy a membership to the National Institute of Sport and Fitness in downtown Indianapolis and run on their indoor track.


Soup Challenge #1

Participants in the Soup Challenge #1.

Participants in the Soup Challenge #1.

With the advent of colder weather, I’ve added canned soup to my menu plan. Not that I have a great eating plan but canned soup is easy and affordable. My eating plan is to eat less and make it as simple as possible … so … soup is a great candidate for a menu plan. Plus, it warms my tummy in cold weather.

So, in the last few days, I’ve opened and consumed these 5 cans of Campbell’s chunky soups.

The clear loser in this challenge is the Hearty Cheeseburger. I thought is would be the clear winner since I’m a fan of cheeseburgers, but it was absolutely gross and tasted nothing like a cheeseburger. It looked like a bowl of melted cheese with chucks of red and green and a little burger nuggets. Looked bad and tasted bad.

The runner-up for loser is the Baked Potato with Steak and Cheese. I’m also a steak and potato type of guy. But, this soup isn’t worth the name. Bad flavor, chucks of stuff that looked like steak but tasted nothing like steak. I believe the potatoes were rejects from McDonald’s. Avoid this at all costs.

The Mid Pack Finisher is the Chicken Noodle. Simple, refreshing with huge chucks of chicken and vegetables. Even the noodles are chunky. Miles ahead of the two losers. This is a favorite and should be a favorite for everyone.

The Runner Up is Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables. Excellent on every level. Big chunks of hamburger and vegetables. Beefy broth. Smelled and looked great in the bowl. A mile ahead of traditional vegetable soup with the chunks of sirloin (hamburger?).

The Winner is the Savory Chicken with White and Wild Rice. Maybe it was the chilly evening I enjoyed this soup. But the savory was a slight twist on the traditional chicken and rice soup. Perfect chunks of chicken and vegetables with wild and white rice.

(Not affiliated with Campbell’s … just an average consumer.)



A Low and a High


Can you believe it. Up 1.5 pounds. Geez. After last week’s mega loss I’m up again. And the most bummer is that I’m back above the 25 pound mark and had to hide the 25 pound trophy.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Last week my running was great. But, I’m sure my eating was too much. There was two nights of pizza. I had two beers over last weekend. My eating was never over whelming and never felt stuff or full. In fact, was a little hungry for most of the week.

The current 176.2 isn’t the highest I’ve been in this recent trend. At least it’s lower than my most recent high of 178.5 from November 12.

I’m a bit discouraged but still committed to getting to my goal of 155.

Over exposed photo the the Turkey Trot shirt and the bib.

Over exposed photo the the Turkey Trot shirt and the bib.

Race Report : Henry County YMCA Turkey Trot 5K

I was excited about this race. I felt trained and ready for it. No injuries. No illness. It was staged at the YMCA in Henry County Indiana. It was about an hour drive from the house so it was an early morning for me on a holiday. I arrived in time to pick up the bid and timing chip. There were about two hundred people lined up to run in the 5K or 10K. I ran in the 5K as I didn’t feel up for the 10K.

It was an out and back course on the Wilbur Wright fitness trail. It was great to run with other people, even though I didn’t know anyone there. And, it was great to run in the daylight.

For the 5K runners, it was one loop on the out and back course. For the 10K runners, it was two loops on the course. So, as I was finishing up my first mile the elite runners had already passed through the turn-around and were into their second mile. It was great to watch them as they flew by. Their form and stride were confident and fluid and fast. Unlike mine!

My first mile went really quick for me even though my split was 10:33. I was in the midst of the pack so my split was slower. Once the pack thinned out I was able to run faster. My second mile was 9:43 and my third was a 8:51. Wow! Since I was feeling really good I decided to see how fast I could go. So after the turn around I sped up. I can’t up the pressure until the finish. My total time was 30:08 for an average pace of 9:43! Wow. How great is this!

My time and average pace is what the Nike+ app recorded. I don’t know what the American Multi Sport timed my race. The results were not posted online immediately after the race.

After the weigh in this morning and gaining 1.5 pounds, this race time and average pace was a real sweet gift.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone … be thankful for someone.


Tuesday Run

I slowed down a bit on Tuesday evening’s run. I went for 3.26 miles. The total time was 33:19 for a pace of 10:13. Burned up 412 calories and gained 98 feet in elevation.

My goal was to try to stay between an average pace of 10:15 – 10:20. My first mile was 10:15, the second mile was 10:13 and the third was 10:08. I wanted to stay slower than Monday evening’s run because my right ham string was giving me some back talk and I didn’t want to strain it.

Thankfully, even though I ran a bit faster than I wanted to, the ham string didn’t bother me at all.

I’m still trying to find my pace and be comfortable. Last night wasn’t the most comfortable run. I didn’t have any rhythm and wasn’t fluid at all.

I have the 2016 Henry County Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving morning. Yay! I’m looking forward to the race just to see what I can do in an ‘official’ race. The race starts at 9:00 am. Packet pickup is from 7:00 to 8:30 am. According to Google, the Henry County YMCA is an hour drive from the house. So, I’ll need to leave about 6:45 am to make it on time.  Doing this race solo.

I noticed the Nike+ running app keeps a running list of my November mileage. How cool! For this November, I have 31.9 miles on the board so far. My average pace is 10:45. Yay! At that average pace, extruded over 26.2 miles, my time would be 4:41:51. Not too bad.

A Symmetrical Run

I was pressed for time last night so I rushed home after the office closed. I only had about 90 minutes to get in a workout and then rush out to help my brother at the house he is trying to sell.

It was slightly chilled outside so it was a great opportunity to try out my new running gloves. I did my push ups, squats and crunches, stretched for a moment or two and ran out the door.

I set the Nike+ app to 3.5 miles. My first mile pace was 10:06. Wow, I felt like I was running slow but maybe not. The second mile was 10:06 and I was surprised that I could hold the same pace. The third mile was 10:06. Double Wow! I ran over the 3.5 mile mark to 3.62 miles. And, the final pace for the entire run was 10:06. The total time was 36:36. Calories burned was 458 and the elevation gain was 111 feet.

It was a symmetrical run on all level.

Although my right ham string was talking to me by the end of the run. I probably was going way too fast and probably need to slow down. Just a few weeks ago my average pace was about 10:30.

Tonight, I’ll take it a bit easy and try to run at 10:20 or so.


The Weekend of November 19 – 22

The weekend of November 19 – 22 was a mixed bag of activity.

First, I drove up to West Lafayette on Friday evening to see a good friend who is in the hospital. I’m glad she’s doing much better and was released on Sunday.

Second, on Saturday, I ran 4 miles straight in 40:11 for a pace of 10:03 for those miles. That is awesome! I continued the workout for another mile, but I walked and ran that mile. So, the total time for the 5 miles was 52:28 for a 10:26 pace. Not too bad for a sunny and bright yet chilly morning.

Third, the first accumulating snow for the season finally arrived. There was maybe an inch or so on the ground when the snow moved on but it all melted quickly. Bummer.

Fourth, started Christmas shopping for the kids and their boy friend and girl friends.

Fifth, actually met up with my second ex-wife to help her select a cordless drill. She and her significant other are buying a new house and she is wanting to stock up on tools.

Sixth, I bought my 25 pound trophy! Yay! I also bought a new pair of running gloves.

Seventh, sent a copy of the Equalizer Movie DVD starring Denzel Washington to an old high school friend. My nick name for him was the Equalizer. It was a take off from the old TV show Equalizer, starring Edward Woodard. I watched that show religiously.

Eighth, on Sunday, hiked about 4 miles through the back country of McCormick’s Creek State Park in Spencer Indiana. It was still cold and snowy but a bright and sunny day. Perfect for a hike. I could have gone longer had I left the house earlier. I didn’t leave until after noon and with the drive it put me at the park about 1:30. By 4:30 when I walked back to the car it was already getting dark in the forest.

So, overall, it was a good weekend. Wasn’t not able to work in the yard due to the snow but was productive in other areas.



Yay !!!! Down 3.8 pounds from last week. Finally. A weight loss. Yes. Finally. After weeks of holding steady and gaining weight, I finally lost some weight. Yay!

And, it’s a new low. I haven’t been at 174.7 on this effort. Yay! I hope this continues.

I am ever so thankful for a weight loss. I was extremely discouraged last week when I jump up to 178.5. I thought that there was no way I would ever get below the magical 25 pound mark at 175.7.

Celebrate with me! Yay! I finally lost 25 pounds since I started this weight loss effort back on June 25, 2015. That is 21 weeks, or 147 days. The 25 pound mark was my first milestone. My second milestone is the next 20 pounds.

Actually, my total weight loss since June 25 is now 26 pounds!! Double Yay! The average weekly weight loss is 1.2 pounds. This really helps my perspective since I was so discouraged last week.

And now, I can buy the 25 Pound Trophy.

Although, I still have a long way to go. My BMI is 28.2. I’m still in the higher end of the overweight range. I have 19.7 pounds to go before I reach my goal of 155. At 155 pounds, my BMI will be 24.9, which is a normal weight.

My eating was in better control last week. Although I did indulge in two donuts and a slice of birthday cake. Otherwise, it was in control. I’m also switching from Subway for dinner almost every night to just a bowl of soup. Not that I’m tired of Subway as it is so convenient but I really need to switch things up. The Campbell’s chunky soups are good with a few unsalted crackers. It’s enough for me.

Last night I finished the C25K program. I ran the 30 minute workout of Week 8 Day 3 without stopping. I walked the warm up and cool down. After the workout I did two of my sprints (a hundred yard dash). I hope that helps with my pace. I had a little running streak going for 3 days. I won’t be able to run this evening as all the kids and grand kids are coming over for dinner.

Thanks to everyone for their support and good wishes!


A Run and A New Race

Yesterday evening was a pleasant and warm. Although it had rain for most of the afternoon, by the time I got home from work the rain had stopped. It was warm. I would say in the mid 60’s. Quite warm for mid November.

So, I decided to take advantage of the nice pleasant weather and get in a run.

I didn’t run through the final day of the C25K program. Rather, I just ran a simple 5K. Maybe just to see if I could do it. Maybe because I don’t want to finish the C25K because I’m timid about what comes next.

I was somewhat tired before I started the run. I probably didn’t warm up enough before I started. My total time for the 3.13 miles was 32:38 for a 10:25 pace, according the Nike+ app. My spilt times were 10:23, 10:30 and 10:25. I guess it’s not too bad. And, most likely, this 10:25 average pace is my ‘official’ starter pace. From here, I can only improve. I would like to break the 30 minute mark on a 5K, which would have a 9:39 pace, which is almost 50 seconds faster per mile than what I’m running now. Yay!

Logo for the New Castle Mini Marathon. This is from 2014.

Logo for the New Castle Mini Marathon. This is from 2014.

In other news, I registered for a new race … the New Castle Mini Marathon. It’s on June 18, 2016 in New Castle Indiana. The cost of the event was $44 with a $4.22 service charge. That’s $3.37 a mile. Not too bad.

It’s a small event. I couldn’t find 2015 results for the event. But in 2014, there were 70 runners in the mini marathon. The average pace 2:06:53. The last runner came in at 3:30:29 and the first runner finished in 1:28:19. I’ll probably be toward the back of the pack.

So … I have two mini marathons on the schedule for 2016. Yay!

Week 8 Day 2

Ah … Week 8 Day 2. C25K. The second to last run. 28 minutes. No walking in those 28 minutes. Warm up with a 5 minute brisk walk and then run 28 minutes straight. Cool down with a 5 minute walk.

Yay …. !! 28 minutes later I was still running and ran though the 5 minutes cool down for a total of 32 minutes. How cool. How refreshing. What a high.

My Monday at work was long and slow. Arduous. Tedious. I was not able to run or exercise at all over the weekend. I helped my older brother move into his new house. Lots of boxes to carry and furniture to move. It was exercise at it’s best. Strength training and stair mastering at the same time. I was absolutely beat by Sunday evening. Come Monday evening I was missing the running’s high and needed to run. Even though I was still sore and hurting when I left for work, I still wanted to run.

At home, it was dark and raining. But I ran anyways. I ran through Week 8 Day 2 of the C25K program in the rain and darkness. It was great. It was perfect. The runner’s high came back. I felt energized. For the 38 minute workout, including walking, my total distance was 3.51 miles at a pace of 10:52. Wow … I believe this was my best C25K run so far.


Friday Night Long Run

I won’t be able to do any exercise tomorrow, Saturday 11/14. So, I took opportunity to get in a long run this evening (Friday 11/13). I got in 4.77 miles in 52:23 minutes. My pace for the total 4.77 miles was 10:58. Yay!

I made 3.5 miles without walking. My total time for that segment was 36:33 for a pace of 10:26. I started walking and running intervals at that point until I made the 4.77 distance.

It was a great run. Felt strong for most of the run. About 4 miles into the workout, my daughter and ex-wife called. Nothing serious was going on with them but I got ‘spooked’ when they called one after another. Their calls were unrelated to each other but I wanted to call back right away. So, I stopped to talk with them for a few minutes. I resumed running/walking after talking.

I will continue Week 8 Day 2 of the C25K program on Sunday.

Yay !!!!