Up Again


Geez. Up 1.1 pounds from last week’s low. Will this ever stop?

Maybe since I’m still in the midst of the flu/cold? Although I’m on the trailing edge of the flu/cold I can still feel it’s tentacles.

Maybe since I haven’t exercised in a week? Probably. I’ve honestly kept my eating in control but I haven’t had the energy to exercise. I did hike a couple of miles on Monday but that doesn’t really count because those were slow miles.

Maybe since I had a beer on Tuesday night? Yes. I did. My 120 day ticket on the Wagon expired on Tuesday, October 27. The Kids took me out that night to a local brew pub and celebrated my 53rd birthday with a pint of craft beer.

Maybe those were the reasons I gained 1.1 pounds this week. Who really knows what the reasons are.

Am I discouraged? Yes. A bit. But, in reality, 176.8 is just a number that I use to gauge progress. And although progress had been standing still in regards to the scale, I’m still happy with other areas of life. One example is that my clothes are starting to look baggy. And, I like that look. Actually, I like that feel. The other example is that I’m not giving up. This is the 18th week that I’ve been on this weight loss effort and I’m looking forward to the 19th and beyond.

So … I still have 21.8 pounds left to lose. Still have a ways to go. I’ve lost 23.9 pounds so far. My BMI is 28.5. I’m still in the overweight range.

Hopefully, once I get into a solid routine of consistent exercise, I’m sure the weight will start to come off.

Wishing everyone success in their own weight loss effort!

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