First for the Season

The flu caught up with me.

It first tickled my throat Monday night. The scratchy throat built up overnight into a major sore throat Tuesday morning. Body aches and general delirium soon followed so by Tuesday evening I was a mess. Once I got home on Tuesday night I stayed in bed until Thursday morning.

The flu is not a fun thing. It always makes me question everything I do and what I’ve done. Just before the flu took hold of me, I had a great workout Monday evening. I ran through Week 6 Day 1 of the C25K program and it was an enjoyable session.

I wonder, if I was ‘over trained’ after that workout since the flu come on me so quickly afterwards.

Ha … as if “over trained” could be applied to me.

Who knows where this flu came from. I spent the prior weekend in Florence Kentucky. Just a weekend getaway, so maybe this is the Kentucky strain of the flu. I stayed home from work on Wednesday, the day I felt the worse. Hopefully, I’m not contributing to the spread of this pre season flu.

The flu has now given way to a general cold with a stuffy nose and general cold symptoms. I can hardly breath. So, it doesn’t seem that I’ll be doing any running this weekend.

Such a bummer. I was looking forward to running this weekend. I could probably do a long slow walk but I don’t I can run any distance.

I usually wait until late October to get my seasonal flu shot. Apparently I was too late this year. Hopefully this bout with the flu will give some boast to my immunity so that when I do get a flu shot I will be totally immune to the flu for this season. If that is even a possibility.

One can hope!

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