A New Low … Finally


Yay. Finally, a new low. Maybe I can start to make progress again. The last ‘new low’ was on October 1 at 176.8 pounds. After that, I gained weight and then couldn’t seem lose weight below the 177 area.

But today is a new low.

I define a ‘new low’ as a new weight lower than the earlier ‘new low’. It’s a take off from my trading days when a ‘new high’ was an indicator of even more and more ‘new highs’ and if you bought into the trend then you were certain to make some money.

In a perfect world, the new lows will be only a week apart. Each week would bring a new low and the trend would be a steady declined over time. There would be no interruptions in the trend. Just a steady decline in weight.

However, in the real world, especially the world of weight loss, especially my weight loss, the new lows can be weeks apart.

My current weight as of today is 175.7. In the 17 weeks since I started this weight loss effort I’ve lost 25 pounds. Yay! That is a good even number. My average weekly weight loss is 1.47 pounds.

I’ve been wrestling with the flu the past 3 days. I stayed home from work yesterday to sleep all day. I’m feeling better today. I don’t know if my new low is a result of the flu bug crawling around my body. What is the saying? Feed a cold starve a fever? I don’ know but I haven’t eaten much over the last few days. Not really interested in eating with this flu bug.


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