Indianapolis Mini Marathon 2016

IndianapolisMiniMarathonLogoSo … I registered for the 2016 Indianapolis Mini Marathon. Yay!

I got an email from the 500 Festival Organization saying they were raising entry fees for the 2016 race by midnight and if I wanted the lower price I would need to register now.

So, I did.

I’m usually not enticed by those kinds of emails or offers. Usually, I just walk away or delete the email if the headline says anything resembling “buy by midnight tonight or the prices increase”. Those offers are designed to appeal to my impulsivity and I’m not impulsive by nature. However, I’ve been thinking about running in the 2016 Mini Marathon anyways and so the email only pushed me over the edge.

And so, about 10 minutes later I was registered for the race at a cost of about $150.

I didn’t ‘just’ sign up for the mini marathon. After reading through the web site, I was enticed to sign up for the Mini Maniac Challenge. This Challenge includes the three 500 Festival Miler Series races and the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. So that is 32.1 miles for about $150. Or, about $4.67 per mile for the 4 races. I added the $20 service charge in my calculations too.

The Miler Series races include a February 3 mile run, a March 6 mile run and an April 10 mile run. If you register for the Mini Maniac Challenge you get a special medal for the Challenge along with a Miler Series technical shirt. That is in addition to the technical shirt and the medal for the Mini Marathon itself. So cool.

My last finish at Indianapolis Mini Marathon was in 2008. My time was 2:14:20 with a pace of 10:16. I don’t recall the circumstance of that race. Although I’m sure I was a bit disappointed with a 2:14:40 finish. I’m sure that 8 years ago I would be upset with myself had I not come in under 2 hours. However, now, at this stage of my life, a 2:14 finish for a mini marathon will be super cool. In 2007 I did come in under 2 hours with a time of 1:57:30 with a pace of 8:59. Now, that was super supper cool!! I was at my peak then.

I don’t expect to do that in 2016. Maybe I could if I train hard enough and lose some more weight. But, I’m more interested in running the distance and collecting the t-shirt and medal. The effort is what I’m interested in. The result will reflect the effort I put into the training and the race.

I have 6 month and 17 days to prepare for the May 7, 2016 race. That should be enough time to build endurance and strength for 13.1 miles.


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