Still Above The Low


Yes. A weight loss. But, in reality, I’m still above where I was two weeks ago. Not really certain as to what is going on with the weight but apparently something is. But, I’m thankful that this week shows a loss.

I kept the eating in control for the week. Although I did indulge in three donuts over the weekend. Other than that, the eating was in control. I did try a true Adkins meal with zero carbohydrates. I thought that I should try something different. I don’t know if I could keep up an Atkins effort over the long-term. I’m sure I could if I really tried. However, I’m not a cook and my eating routine for this weight loss effort have been subway sandwiches. It fits me right now. It’s easy. Just drive up, order, pay and eat. No cooking involved. If I do Adkins, I’ll need to cook more often. Since I live alone now, it’s only me and the subway routine is good enough. Although, I might work in more Atkins meals more often.

My running is progressing well. I started the 5th week of the C25K program and even ran an extra half mile in the two sessions. I’ll finish up the week with the third session of the week this evening. Hopefully, this weekend I will try for a ‘long run’.

On Saturday (10/10), I tested my theory of 15 minute miles for a marathon by running and walking a four mile distance. For that distance, I ran the first mile and a half and then ran for a few minutes and walked for a few minutes until I completed 4 miles. My total time was 49:38 with a pace of 12:22 per mile. It was a comfortable run. Although I was almost wiped out by the end. But, I kept a 12:22 pace which is about 2.5 minutes under the average required marathon pace of 14:57. I’m not looking to run in a marathon any time soon. But, I’ve proven to myself that I probably could maintain the required pace over the distance.

So, I still have 22 pounds left to lose until I reach my goal of 155. I’ve lost 23.7 pound so far. I’ve been at this effort for 16 weeks now. My average weekly weight loss is 1.48. Which, is where I originally wanted to be. That is, my goal was 1 – 2 pounds a week. My BMI is 28.6. So, I’m still overweight. There is a long way to go in this weight loss effort. I’m not giving up. I’m determined to weight in at a ‘normal’ weight for my height at least once in my lifetime.

On a positive note, I finally made it to the 3rd notch in the belt. I started at the first notch and now I’m on the third. Which is good. It means that I’m losing fat in the belly. That is a good thing. I just wish the scale would reflect it.

So, overall, I’m feeling good. The depression is at a low-level. Even the ownership change at work hasn’t depressed me over the last week as it did when it was first announced. I’m looking forward to running more and losing more weight. Hopefully, by the New Year I will be at a normal weight.


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