Going In The Wrong Direction


How can this be? A 1.8 pound gain?!  Last week it was 176.8. This week it is 178.6. The scale is playing games.

Geez. Very frustrating. Other than the small (may it wasn’t that small in retrospect) indulgence on Saturday night (10/3) where I ate some donut holes (and they were so good) I have been faithful to my eating plan. I was able to increase my exercise as well. I was looking forward to a weight loss … not a weight gain.

And I didn’t even drink any beer!

If there is any consolation in this weight gain it is that it’s not the largest gain I’ve had. On August 20 there was a gain of 2.0 pounds. And if there is any other consolation, there was a sharp decrease in weight in the weeks following that gain. So, hopefully, I can report a weight loss next week. Maybe it will be a mega weight loss.

I do feel ‘thinner’ … if that is possible to say. I’m flirting with the third belt notch, which means that I’m loosing some circumference around my mid section.

My overall weight loss is 22.1 pounds as of today. My average is 1.47 pounds a week for the 15 weeks I’ve been at this effort. So, in reality I’m doing ok. My original goal was to lose between 1-2 pounds a week.

My BMI is 28.8. I’m still in the overweight range. So, I still have a long ways to go.

It’s just frustrating at this point. But, I’ll stick with my plan for another week! Maybe I will cut back on the air popped pop corn I eat as a snack. Maybe I should try the Atkins diet for a while. My exercise is starting to build some momentum and maybe that will contribute to a weight loss next week.


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