C25K : Week 3 Day 2

Last night, I completed Week 3 Day 2 of the C25K program. The distance was 1.94 miles and the pace was 13:27. Even with the drizzle and the high humidity, the run was good. I’m thankful that I was able to run relatively pain-free. I was able to run a little more after I completed the session. Not much more but just a little more.

One would think that with my desk job that I would not have ‘job’ stress or other issues to deal with emotionally. After all, I write web site code and photoshop pictures and design advertisements and other stuff. It’s a great job and fits my personality. However, last night was a night to deal with job related emotional stress as there are major ownership changes coming to the place where I work. And, usually when the new Sheriff comes to town (or Sheriffs in this case) there are changes. Some good and needed and some not so good.

I had thought about ditching the run and finding something to eat to sooth the emotions. But instead, I pushed through the emotional block and walked outside in the drizzle to run this session of the C25K program. Amazingly, by the time the 30 minute session was over, I felt better about things. Not much better. But, still better.

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