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I’ve been dreaming of running a half marathon.

I know, I can hardly run around the block so why would I be eager to run a half marathon. But, I figure you need to start somewhere and why not start now. At least I can start my dreaming.

My last half marathon was the Muncie Mini Marathon. It was late October 2013. It was a cold windy day. My training had been derailed by a stress fracture that took too long to heal. Even so, I decided to run. My finish time was about 2:40. I ran the first seven or so miles and then started walking and running just to keep moving. I wish I had been in better shape on that day.

I honestly believe on that day I came to realize that my wife was ready to leave and pursue a path that didn’t include me. Although it took another 11 months to complete the split I knew then that it would eventually happen.

But I tried to make it not happen.

Anyways, I’m starting to believe that I need to get back on track and train for a mini marathon. If for anything, maybe just for my sense of well-being and purpose. Sometimes running makes everything better.

So, I’ve chosen the Sam Costa Half Marathon as a target. It is usually held in late March. Their web site still shows the 2015 race information. Since it is the longest running race in Indiana, I figure it will be around in 2016.

I’ve also thought of doing the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in 2016. You can register for the race now. If I sign up for the mini marathon and all the training runs and buy the necessary swag, it would cost about $135.

The Sam Costa mini marathon cost about $45 last year.

Anyways, those are the 2016 mini marathons I’ve been thinking about.

So, here’s to the future, here’s to dreams.

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