Finally … a Weight Loss


Yay. Finally. A weight loss. Four pounds. Happy dance!

After hanging out on the 181 pound plateau for the last three weeks, a four pound loss is refreshing and exciting. I feel like I’m starting to make progress again.

The total weight loss so far is 23.5 pounds. I’m 51.4% to my goal. Which means that I’m half way. Just a bit over halfway but still halfway. Still need to lose 22.2 pounds before I’m under the goal weigh of 155. My BMI is 28.6. I’m still in the overweight range but thankfully I’m getting closer to the magical 24.9 number. At a BMI of 24.9 I will be at a normal weight.

I’m been at this weight loss effort for 13 weeks. My average weekly weight loss is 1.8 pounds. Which is exactly what I originally expected, 1 – 2 pounds a week on average. Although four pounds a week like this week is even better. But that is not realistic. Although, I was discouraged while I was sitting on the 181 pound plateau and wondered how it would impact my weekly average. Even at a 2 pound weekly average it would take about 22 weeks to lose the 45.7 pounds. So, I still have a long way to go.

Overall, my eating has been in control. I did eat a cup cake at a birthday party on Tuesday night. Otherwise, I’ve kept things in control. Although, on Saturday, 9/19, I was tempted to jump off the Wagon. I’ve been on the Wagon for 93 days (as of today). No beer or alcohol. My ticket on the Wagon is for 120 days. But on Saturday, which was my first year divorce-versary I really wanted a beer. In fact, I walked to a local brewery to jump off the wagon. It’s the same brewery that I was in last year when the divorce was final. When I got to the brewery, the place was packed with people. I guess the brewery was celebrating their first place award as the best brewery at the Indiana State Fair. At least that is what I read on the sign. I was not up to pushing my way through a crowd of people just to have a beer just to drown my depression. So, I walked away.

Last night, I finished Week 2 of the C25K program. I’m still amazed at how fast my fitness faded over the 6 weeks I was laid out with the rib injury. I could run the 2x 90 second run – 90 second walk – 90 second run – 2 minute walk. But I was happy to finish. It proves to me that at my age I need to get a fitness level and then maintain it and avoid the long lay offs if possible. There wasn’t much pain in my ribs as I was running. I’m still not 100% healed. Maybe 90% or 95%. Thankfully, I can at least run. Yay!

I hope everyone is well and wishing everyone the best.

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