Greenwood Trail Trek 5K

T-shirt and bib from the Greenwood Trail Trek 5K 2015.

T-shirt and bib from the Greenwood Trail Trek 5K 2015.

This was meant to be my comeback 5K.

After a year of over eating and over drinking to fill the void left by a divorce and depression, I finally came to my senses and got back on track by working through the C25K program. I choose the Greenwood Trail Trek 5k as my comeback 5K as it was far enough in the future to allow enough time to complete the C25K program.

However, I was unaware that once I completed the C25K program and when my motivation was strong and I felt invincible I would fall off a ladder and sustain a rib injury which stopped all 5K training.

The 5K was four weeks away when I fell off the ladder. I could hardly walk or breath with the injury. I couldn’t train. Slowly, I was able to walk but running was out of the question.

But, I decided to keep my registration for the 5K. I decided that if I could walk a few feet than I could walk a 5K.

I stayed near the back of the pack as the starting gun. I didn’t want anyone tripping over me as I slowly walked at the start. By the time I walked across the starting line I could see the elite runners taking the first turn a quarter-mile ahead.

Watching people run motivated me to run. I was able to run for a minute or two at a time. I only stopped running and resumed walking when my breathing was too heavy and the ribs started to grumble.

My race was 30% run and 70% walk. Other people ran the entire 5K. Other people walked it. There were babies in strollers pushed by cute moms with their hair tied in pony tails and there were cute puppies and large dogs pulling their masters.

Near the end of the 5K, I was determined to run across the finish line even if the ribs were angry at me.

I was happy that I crossed the finish line. I gave myself a high-five. I felt that I had accomplished something. I was happy the rib injury healed enough to allow me to do so, even if they were not all that happy with me. I was happy that I could breath and walk and run a little.

My time was 45:40 for a pace of 14:35 per mile.

If there was another circumstance, as if there was no rib injury to keep me down, I would be upset and depressed over a 45:40 finish for a 5K. On the other hand, I’m very happy with this result. Not really the comeback I had hoped for but I will cherish it none the less.

I believe I’m healed enough to restart the C25K program. There is more walking in the first weeks of the program than running. So, I plan to press on and see what happens. Hopefully my second comeback 5K will be even better.


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