Small Gain This Week


I’m up .1 pounds from last week.

At least it wasn’t much of a gain. I was wishing and looking forward to maybe saying hello to the 170s. But, that did not happen. I’m a little disappointed. Not crushed, not ready to throw in the towel. Just a little disappointed in the number on the scale.

The 181.3 number could be the result of giving into a few chocolate chip cookies and two large Frosty’s from Wendy’s over the holiday weekend. I’m sure that added to the .1 pound gain. Otherwise, my eating has been ‘normal’. I’m still on the Wagon and haven’t had a beer in 79 days!!

My BMI is 29.3. So, I’m still at the far end of the Overweight range and have a long way to go before I’m at a normal weight.

For exercise, I did walk about 10 miles this week. I made a point to get out and walk instead of lying around. My hope was that it would increase the weight loss. But, the walking didn’t seem to work this week. Although the walking did clear out my head and I stayed ahead of some creeping depression.

One item of celebration is that I have flirted with the third notch on the belt. Not quite there yet but I’ve been able to tighten the belt to the third notch and not feel that it’s too tight. At times the second notch is too loose. So, there has been some weight loss around the waist, even if it didn’t show up on the scale this week.

Another item of celebration is I can wear my rain jacket now. I bought the jacket in early June before I started this weight loss effort. I bought it for my hiking trip to Colorado. I had to buy a medium size because the large was too large. But the medium was too tight. I needed a rain jacket for the trip so I bought the medium size. I figured I could tolerate the tightness if I was caught in the rain on a mountain trail. Yesterday it was pouring down so I put on the jacket for the walk from the parking lot to the office. And, believe it or not, the jacket fit comfortably. It was not tight at all. The fit was nothing like it was when I first bought it. Yay!

The final note is that I’m not able to run much of any distance. I’ve tried to run a bit on my walks. But, the ribs have not fully healed and there is a bit of pain. Nothing sharp, nothing serious, just my ribs grumbling against the act of running. Maybe a few more days, maybe a few more weeks. I still can’t really deep breaths without pain.

I’m certainly going to restart the C25K program when I can comfortably run. Hopefully I won’t lose all the fitness I gained when I worked through the program before the rib injury. It seems like everything is on hold right now in terms of running. I was excited and looking forward to running in some 5K races this fall.

My “comeback” 5k is this weekend. I signed up for the Greenwood Indiana Trail Trek 5K in early August. I never considered I would be sidelined by a rib injury. Although, I’m not really sidelined as I can comfortably walk. So, my ‘comeback’ 5K is going to be a walking 5K and I will have to wait for a running 5K sometime in the future. I’m thankful that I can walk it. I might try to run sometime during the 5K.

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