One Pound


A solid weight loss of exactly one pound. Yay. Considering that I really haven’t exercised at all (expect for the walking) I feel that a one pound loss is good.

And, with a BMI of 29.2 I’ve slipped into the Overweight range on the BMI scale. Double Yay!

My weight loss could have been higher. On Saturday afternoon, I indulged in a large vanilla Frosty from Wendy’s. And on Tuesday evening, I had two donuts. Otherwise, my eating has been in control.

So far, I’ve lost 19.5 pounds in the 10 weeks I’ve given this weight loss an effort. I’m happy with the 1.95 pound weekly average as my goal was 1 – 2 pound weight loss a week.

Other than this rib injury, I’m feeling great. I miss the running. I do feel ‘thinner’. And, soon, I will need to tighten the belt to the third notch to keep my pants up. I drink more water than soda. And (drum roll) I haven’t had a beer in over 72 days.

I believe that I would be further down the scale if I was able to run and work out more than I can right now. But, it’s my reality at the moment. I’m looking forward to the day when I can run and accelerate the weight loss. That will come.

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday. Smile.

4 thoughts on “One Pound

    • Thank you. It’s hard to wait it out especially when I was just getting back into the groove. But, I guess, that’s life. I’m looking forward to the day when I can get back in the groove!!

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