Some Improvement

Showing some improvement.

I haven’t taken any ibuprofen in two days. There is some pain but it’s not enough to call for ibuprofen. I’ve taken a lot in the last 2-1/2 weeks.

I’ve been able to do more ‘normal’ things without much pain. I can take deeper breaths than I could just two weeks ago. I’m walking a little faster. And, I was able to work on the porch project, albeit in a very slight way. At least it is some sort of progress.

But, still can’t run.

I tried to run this morning. It wasn’t a formal, laced up the running shoes run to see how far I could go. It was a ‘trot’ across the garage before the garage door came down.

I have temporary roommates. My son and his girlfriend moved in for a few weeks. They are  waiting for their apartment to become available and needed somewhere to stay. I have only one garage door opener and I gave it to them. So, as I was leaving for work this morning, I pressed the button to close the garage door and ‘ran’ the length of the garage to the driveway passing under the garage door as it closed.

It felt like a weight was jiggling in the left side of my chest. Like something is floating around in there. Strange sensation. In just that few feet of trotting I realized I have a ways to go before I am healed enough to actually run. At least run without something jiggling.

Why do rib injuries take so long to heal? I know there are complicated mechanics involved in the healing process. But it’s a slow slow process.

On Sunday, 8/30, I took a long walk around Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana. It was a beautiful day and I thought a long drive and a long walk would do some good. I was surprised that I was able to finish Trail #5 for 2.5 miles. It took a while because I was walking slow. While walking on the trail I thought I should be able to run this trail one day. About that time a pair of trail runners passed by. I came to realize Mounds State Park is a trail runner’s mecca because there were several trail runners passing by during my walk. I was jealous they could run and I couldn’t so I vowed to return to Mounds State Park and run Trail #5 one day in the future. And, as fate would have it, with an internet search I discovered a central Indiana trail running series called DINO (Do INdiana Off road). And, they sponsor a trail run at Mounds State Park. Here’s the link. So very cool.

Last night I walked 2 miles around the neighborhood. I walked a little fit faster than I did on Sunday. I was able to take deeper breaths and even worked up a slight sweat due to the humidity. It was a little progress. Baby steps to a full recovery.


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