If I Can’t Run … What Can I Do?

I haven’t been able to do much this rib injury. I can’t run. Absolutely can’t do that. I’m just now able to take deep breaths without a lot of pain so I’m sure that I can take a long slow walk just to keep the blood flowing. I can’t work on the house or on my porch project because those jobs require lifting and nailing and normal construction effort, which my ribs will not allow.

What I have been doing is the ‘light’ stuff that won’t bother the ribs.

I backed up all my photos and videos to a third external hard drive. I have CD backups, a time machine backup (from the Mac) and now a third backup of photos dating to 1999 when Nikki and I first got together. I thought it was time to move them to the ‘archives’ and wipe clean the Mac and maybe move on.

Doing that task involved sitting still, which my chest enjoyed. It was relatively painless.

I’ve finished two novels that I started early in the year. Laying down and reading was painless. Only when I had to get up did the pain come back. I finished Patricia Weitz’s “College Girl” and John Grisham’s “Gray Mountain.

College Girl was a coming of age story about a cute studious college senior who suffered from an impoverished home and low self-esteem but was able to study hard and make the grade to get into college. She meets a boy rich boy who hardly keeps a solid grade and deals in pot. She falls in love and he takes away her virginity. She eventually wakes up after he screws her in a cold dark cemetery where her brother is buried. He abandons her there. The story in as she realizes she’s been used and picks herself up to move on to finish out her senior year meeting a guy who cherishes her. Why are the cute girls attracted to the bad boys?

Gray Mountain is a legal thriller that sort of fizzles at the end. Samantha is an over worked young slender lawyer who is laid off in the midst of the 2008 financial meltdown. She takes a non paid internship in the backwoods of Virginia coal fields where she meets a dashing energetic lawyer who is set on taking the evil coal mining companies. By the end of the story he dies and she picks up where he left off.

I discovered that with my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription I can download all the software I use at the office to my Mac at home. Yay! Now I can work from home in the evenings and on the weekends. It’s a sit-down job coding all sorts of fancy Jquery web applications and sites. I love the work!

I can also do laundry … if I go about it slow. Since I live alone there’s no one else to do it. It doesn’t really irritate the ribs but it is really all the ‘work’ I can do.

Things are getting better. I can feel improvement every day. Although I would rather share about my run and the high it gives me. Maybe in a few weeks I can do that.



2 thoughts on “If I Can’t Run … What Can I Do?

  1. It is amazing how much other stuff gets done when I am injured too. I am in a down time after a race and I am getting a lot more chores done. Get well soon.

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