One Step Forward A Giant Leap Backward


Bummer. But not unexpected. A gain of two pounds.

Life has given me an unexpected twist. Friday evening, August 14, I was working on the porch project nailing brick mold around the new windows. The ladder slipped out from under me and I fell about three feet and hit the left side of my back on the edge of the deck. Immediate pain and shock. For a moment I couldn’t breath.

I waited until the next morning to go to the Immediate Care. The pain was massive and I could hardly breathe. I feared broken ribs and internal trauma. Thankfully, however, the x-rays showed differently. The doctor said it was a major contusion to the left side of my back.

Still, the pain was so great that I could only find comfort and breath while lying down in bed. So, that’s what I did for the next four days. I only got up to go to the bathroom and open the door when the pizza guy delivered bread sticks and meat lovers pizza.

There was no exercise. I could hardly breathe. It hurt to breath. Shallow breaths were painless but deep breaths were painful. Nothing much to do expect watch You Tube videos on van dwelling and full-time RVing.

It is unfortunate. The day before this Dark Friday I completed the C25k program and I was looking forward to the next day where I would run my first ‘official’ 5K. However, the doctor said that any running was ‘out of the question’ for the next two to three weeks. He also mentioned the x-ray showed an enlarged heart.


He said that I should check up on that.

My sister-in-law, a nurse, said that it could be just the way my heart was positioned at the moment the x-ray was exposed. She said not to panic but advised me to follow-up on it. So, the x-rays are on their way to my family doctor who most likely will send me to the cardiologist.

I did have a cardiac issue several years ago. I thought it was a heart attack but it turned out to be pleurisy, at least there was no definite diagnosis but that was the general thought. The cardiologist ordered a nuclear stress test, echo cardiograms and blood tests. I passed all the tests. There was no blockage. At that time, my heart was as normal as a 50-year-old heart could be.

Hopefully, I will recover quickly from this back injury and the heart thing is nothing to worry about. Thankfully, nothing was broken and there are no internal injuries. Only a sore back that hurts with every twist and turn of my torso. Coughing causes sharp pain. Even laughing hurts!

My plan is to weather this storm. I’m not giving up. I’m just accepting that I’ve taken a few steps backwards. Had I positioned the ladder better, been more aware of what I was doing, maybe this could have been avoided. Maybe it’s a test of my resolve.

When I can pick up the running again I will likely need to go back to Week 4 or Week 5 of the C25K program and start from there. Major bummer. I was looking forward to the Greenwood Trail Trek 5K on September 12 as my “comeback” 5K. It will probably be mid or late October before I can ‘comeback’.


8 thoughts on “One Step Forward A Giant Leap Backward

    • In my injured state … I’ve been way too liberal with the bread sticks. It’s too easy to call the pizza shop and in 30 minutes they show up at the front door with a pizza and bread sticks. Thank you for the wishes and encouragement!! I’m anxious to get back to the running and controlled eating.

    • Thank you Run Wright. I’ll let you know when the Comeback 5K happens. Hopefully this weekend but most likely it will be sometime in September. Bummer. 😦

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