Week 8 Day 2

Wow … what a hot and humid evening. It must have been in the mid to high 80’s with 100% humidity. Hardly the best environment to run in. But, I had a need to get in a workout on Monday. Especially after the cashier at Lowes over charged me about $40 on my purchase of brick mold and casing for the porch project. Wow … was she grumpy that a mistake had been made and it was pointed out. Wow! She was grumpy.

But, the run was good, although very hard. I wanted to stop several times but pushed on to make the 28 minute run. Although I had to stop twice to tie my shoes but I didn’t count that. It was only enough time to tie the shoes and move on. My mileage for the 38 minute session (28 minute run and 10 minute walk) was 3.35 and the pace was 11:35. So, I actually cover the 5K distance. But, it doesn’t count since I didn’t run the 5k distance but mingled walking and running.

Soon, maybe this weekend, I will be able to run the total 5K distance. I will probably cross train on the Bowflex this evening and on Wednesday evening there’s a meeting that will take up the entire evening. So, Thursday evening is my next opportunity to get in an evening run. Unless I wake up early Wednesday morning to get in the run. Probably not. I could use a rest day anyways.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Smile.

2 thoughts on “Week 8 Day 2

    • You are so sweet. Thank you. Wishing you the best. The C25K is a wonderful program. Amazing how in week one you only run about 60 – 90 seconds and then in week eight you are running 30 minutes. Simply amazing.

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