Starting Week 8

Yay … starting Week 8 of the C25K program.

This session called for 25 minutes of running with no walking breaks. It was one long run, especially when I added 1:45 extra at the end. So, the run was 26:45 minutes. I’m almost finished with the C25K program and looking forward to running a complete 5K, which could be a few weeks away!

My mileage was 3.07 and my pace was 11:24. So, I’m almost up to the 5K distance, but need to remember that in this session the 3.07 miles included 7:15 minutes of walking. This session wasn’t my fastest run, but maybe the humidity slowed me down. Maybe?

On the eating front … been in control for the most part. However, last Thursday night, I took the kids and their girl friends and boyfriends to Denny’s. They talked me into (or I talked myself into) ordering the “Thing”. It’s a hamburger with a fried egg, hash browns, bacon, cheese and ‘thing’ sauce. It is supposed to be a promo food item for the new Fantastic Four movie that is either coming out or is out (I wouldn’t know). It was way too much for me and I actually felt guilty for eating it. Silly, isn’t it.

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