Happy Dance


Yay! A happy dance for a 1.2 pound loss.

Although I would always wish for more I’m very happy with 1.2 pounds. I have 31.9 pounds to go to reach my goal of 155 pounds. I’m on the edge of the obese range with a BMI of 30.2. I’ve lost 13.8 pounds so far. For the six weeks I’ve given this a lot of effort, my weekly average weight loss is 2.3 pounds. If the effort continues as it has I could reach my goal by mid November. More likely however, I would expect to reach my goal sometime in December.

Even though the weight loss was solid and victorious, I have noticed other non scale victories that are just as important. I copy the NSV idea from SleeveForMe22. Her idea is to recognize the areas beyond the scale that are just as meaningful as the numbers on the scale. So this week I’m starting the NSV.

  • The rain jacket I bought for my June 2015 Colorado trip was snug when I bought it. The larger size was much too big. Today it is raining so I put it on to cover up for the walk from the parking lot to the office. It was not as snug as it was when I first bought it.
  • I officially tighten the belt one notch tighter.
  • I do feel slimmer (although there is a long way to go).
  • I’m happy.
  • The C25K program is progressing well and I’m almost finished.
  • I haven’t had a beer in 43 days!
  • My eating has been in control … the only snack has been air popped popcorn.
  • I’ve cut back on the diet soda in favor of water.
  • I’m able to climb the stairs from the shop floor to the office without stopping for breath at the top. Triple yeah for that one!
  • My blood pressure this morning was 116 over 71. Two months ago it averaged 140 over 90.

And to the C25K program …

Last night I ran Week 6 Day 2. It called for an interval of 20 minutes and 1 minute with a 2 minute walking break in-between. Of course, with my ego, I needed to run the 20 minutes and though the two-minute break and finish up with the 1 minute interval for a total of 23 minutes. And after that, I walked for two minutes and then ran the remaining 3 minutes of the cool down. So, I ran for 26 total minutes. The total mileage was 2.99 and the pace was 11:02. Not too bad.

However, I at the end of the workout my thighs were awfully sore and tight. And they stayed that way for the rest of the evening. And they are still sore this morning. So, I’m going to take this evening off and not exercise but work around the house to let the thighs loosen up.

I’ve thought about registering for the 2016 Indianapolis Mini Marathon. It’s in May 2016 so it’s a long ways off. Enough time to train and prepare. My last Indianapolis Mini was in 2007, when I was a running regular. It would be nice to run in one of the world’s largest mini marathons as part of my comeback, especially since it is in my home town.

Happy day to everyone!


2 thoughts on “Happy Dance

  1. Congratulations on your weitht loss. Keep going! And of course, weight is just one factor. Those other accomplishments sometimes feel even better than weight loss. Putting on a pair of pants that didn’t fit a month ago… That feeling makes the diet worth it.
    Keep at it and you’ll reach your goals!

    • Thank you Run Wright! I appreciate your encouragement. And you are right, the weight loss is only one factor. There are so many things that I’m starting to appreciate even more than the scale as a result of the weight loss. Yay!

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