Greenwood Trail Trek 5K

2015 Greenwood Trail Trek 5K Logo

2015 Greenwood Trail Trek 5K Logo

So … I registered for a 5K. This will be my first 5K race in a long time. Actually, it’s been about a year.

The Greenwood Trail Trek 5K raises funds for the Greenwood Indiana trail system. Here’s the web site for more information. This trail system is a good system. You can run for miles on the system and not be bothered by traffic. There are bridges to cross over traffic and the landscaping is good and maintained. I should make it a habit to run on the Greenwood trail system. But it’s too easy to step out of the front door and onto the neighborhood streets and run. Maybe for some on my future longer runs I will run on the trail system.

In my past running life, I ran from my home to the Polk Hill loop and back home. It made for about 13 miles. But, that was in the distant past when I was younger, strong and healthy. The Greenwood Trail Trek 5K runs on the Polk Hill Loop.

I’m progressing on the C25K program. If everything falls into place I will be able to run 3.1 miles on race day. The race is on September 12. I have about 5 weeks to finish up the C25K program and develop a solid mileage base. I figure if I can put several 3.5 mile runs before the Trail Trek then I will be trained up for the race.

I’m using the Greenwood Trail Trek 5K as my comeback race. The last 5K I participated in was the 2014 Greenwood Trail Trek. After that race I pretty much gave up on all things fitness and over ate and over drank to my heart’s content. Hopefully I’m back on track now and looking forward the this race.


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