Week 6 Complete

Yay! Week 6 is done.

This session, Week 6 Day 3, was a 20 minute run without stopping. My mileage was 2.62 and my pace was 11:27. That includes the 10 minutes of walking. And, as a little extra, I ran an additional 1:50 at the end of the 20 minutes, so the walking session was only 8:10.

Yay! Progress.

On Friday night (7/31) I ran the Week 6 Day 3 the first time. This morning, Sunday 8/2, I repeated the session. I wanted to see if Friday night was the real thing.

It was a quiet morning in the neighborhood when I was running. I did see two other runners. It was a little hot but otherwise a perfect, beautiful morning.

Greensburg Courthouse Tree. Photo taken on August 1, 2015.

Greensburg Courthouse Tree. Photo taken on August 1, 2015.

On Saturday, 8/1, I drove to Greensburg Indiana. I heard about a tree growing onto of the Court House Clock Tower. I had to see it for myself. Here’s the wikipedia link and here’s another link.


After walking around the courthouse square and taking photos, I drove west out of Greensburg and stopped in Hartsville. Although I didn’t plan this but I was retracing a drive Nikki and I made years ago. It was one of my favorites drives with her. I drove through Hope and then passed through Franklin where I stopped at Lowes to pick up supplies for the porch project and then drove home.

Hartsville College

Hartsville College

By the way, I forgot to buy drywall screws for the project so I have to go back to Lowes!


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