C25K and a Weight Loss

188.1   Yay! Double Yay.

After last week’s .3 pound gain, this week’s 4.4 pound loss is amazing.  Double amazing!

I was discouraged after last’s week weigh in. I was not giving up but I was discouraged. Of course, I decided to press on in spite of my disappointment. It wasn’t the amount of the gain that disappointed me … like, who could be disappointed in a third of a pound gain … it was the fact that is was a ‘gain’ when I wanted to be ‘lose’.

But today … awesome happy … mega smiles!

Last night, I followed Week 6 Day 2 of the C25K program, calling for an 18 minute run (2 intervals of 8 minutes and 10 minutes) and 11 minutes of walking. It was a very muggy evening. I was able to finish and even ran an extra 90 seconds on the last interval. I looked forward to Week 6 Day 3’s session, which calls for 20 minutes of non stop running. Wow. I hope I can do that.

On June 25, my starting weight was 200.1 and today’s weight is 188.1. I’m 5 weeks into this weight loss effort and I’ve lost 12 pounds so far. I’m 26.6% into my goal of losing 45.1 pounds. My weekly average weight loss is 2.4 pounds. My goal is to average between

I still have 33.1 pounds to lose … so I have a long ways to go. I’m really happy with the progress this week. I’m feeling good, the C25K program is working out, my eating is in control, drinking more water than diet soda, haven’t had a beer in over 5 weeks and my blood pressure is ‘normal’. Yay.


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