Window Fail

The windows were delivered on July 5 and I planned to install them right away. However, other things came in between me and the window install and the windows had to wait.

They have been standing in the kitchen (which still remains unpainted) for almost a month patiently waiting for me to find time to install them.

I started the “porch” project in November of 2014. The three season porch has one exterior wall that needed a new and fresh look. I took out the old windows and door and framed in a new exterior wall with rough openings for new windows and a door. I re-purposed an older door from another remodel job for this remodel job and finished the framing and sheathing and cover the window openings with plastic before the nasty part of winter set it.

Now, it’s the nasty part of summer with humidity and heat and I’m now just getting the time to install the windows. That’s how I roll, wait until the worst part of the summer to do the heavy work.

Not that I don’t have “time”. I have plenty of time since I’m not married any more and the kids are on their own. Time is one resource that I have plenty of. However, I don’t budget time very well so I don’t get much ‘improvement’ done. I ‘maintain’ the yard and house on a regular basis. A lot of time on maintaining but not a lot on improving.

So, anyways, I decide that Sunday, July 26, is the ‘day’ to install ‘one’ window. At least one window.

I’ve never installed a window before. I’ve done countless other framing and remodeling projects. But, never a window. I’ve installed interior and exterior doors but never a window.  Friends and family said that it was ‘nothing hard’ to install a window in new construction.

It took a while but on Sunday, July 26, I finally gathered the motivation and confidence and decided this was the day to install my first window. Yay!

And fail.

Not that anyone will believe me, but I did carefully measure and framed in the rough openings at 34.25″ x 58.25″ (WxH). I honestly made sure the rough openings were plum and level to the world. Countless trips to Lowes to double-check the windows I wanted to buy were showing the rough opening measurements that I have replicated on my new exterior wall.

All was in check and all was in order. The ducks were in a row.

I placed the order in late June for delivery in early July. The windows came on time. Everything was looking good.

I didn’t discover the windows were 4″ short in height until I placed one in the rough opening I have carefully measured and built.


I stood there in disbelief thinking that someone was playing a cruel prank.

However, the facts were facts and I had taken delivery of windows that were four inches shorter than the one I had ordered. Or, thought I had ordered.

However, in reality, I had ordered these windows. Somehow, when the ordered was entered and I had approved and signed and paid the money, the windows I was ordering were 4″ shorter than what I believed I was ordering. I signed the delivery receipt but never noticed the discrepancy.

Geez. How embarrassing.

After a few minutes of self loathing and self-flagellation, I decided to press on and use these windows instead of taking the time and hassle to ship them back. I blocked in new framing to fill in the 4 inch gap. and once I cover the ‘holes’ with sheathing and siding, no one will know.

Two installed windows next to the rough opening of a third.

Two installed windows next to the rough opening of a third.


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