Starting Week 6

I’m progressing through the C25K program.

On Monday, July 27, I started Week 6 with 18 minutes of running (two intervals of 6 and 12 minutes) and 11 minutes of walking. Even with the heat and humidity, I was able to finish the 2.47 miles with a 11:47 pace. I believe this is my faster pace yet.

I will most likely cross train on the Bowflex this evening instead of taking the evening off entirely. The Bowflex is a hard machine to conquer and 15 minutes on it is really enough for me.

Last night was a stuffy evening with the heat and humidity. I’ve been watching the dog for a few days while my ex-wife recovers from a separated shoulder. Sam is a golden retriever and still a puppy at heart. He likes to beat the heat with a dip in his Doggie Spa!

Sam In Doggie Spa

Sam, a golden retriever, enjoys time in his cold water Doggie Spa to beat the heat and humidity.


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