Disappointing but Life Is Good


Bummer. Disappointing. Discouraging.

I realize it is only a .3 pound gain from last week. But still. I kept my eating in control, drank plenty of water, kept on the exercise schedule. And drank no beer at all. Geez.

So I did everything right but still gain weight? How does that happen?

The sensible and realistic person in me says that “it’s only .3 pounds … give it a rest … it will be different next week”. But the perfectionist in me says “you’re not doing something right … you loser”.


Wise people have said that losing weight is a slow and steady progress. And this is an example of the slow and steady process. As long as I keep on track I’m certain the scale will say something different next week.

I knew a weight gain would happen soon or later. But, I really didn’t expect it to be “sooner”. I would have wished for a small gain “later”. But, whatever.

So, I’ve been at this effort for a month and I lost 8.2 pounds. My weekly weight loss average is 2.05 pounds, which isn’t too bad. If I continue with losing eight pounds a month, it will take about 6 months to lose all the weight.

To look on the brighter side … this morning my blood pressure was 115/77, which is ‘normal’. And, I haven’t been normal in many years. I’m not normal in other ways either but my doctor will be happy to see a normal blood pressure reading. And, I’m feeling thinner … at least I “think” I feel thinner. My running is progressing. I’m looking forward to future 5K and 10K events. Maybe even a mini marathon.

So, I’ll be happy with a .3 pound gain. At least it’s not a 2.3 pound gain. If you consider that my weight was 153.9 on March 20, 2013 and that my weight on June 25, 2015, which is a 46.8 pound gain over 26 months … I’ll be ok with a .3 pound gain over a week.

As long as next week shows something different … especially a weight loss.

I’ll get back down to 153.9 sometime soon. Obviously I didn’t make any progress on the scale this week but hopefully next week I will have an amazing weight loss to report.

Wishing everyone better success on their weight loss efforts!

The Life Is Good store in Nashville, Indiana.

The Life Is Good store in Nashville, Indiana.

2 thoughts on “Disappointing but Life Is Good

  1. Hey there 🙂 I just noticed we’re weighing in on the same day of the week 🙂 I was looking for a place to “Like” some of your post but couldn’t find the link but I’m not the best blogger in the world so maybe I’m missing it. Great work! 🙂

    • Thank you Dr! I appreciate your encouragement. I’m not the best blogger either but still hacking at it. Thank you! Wishing you the best of luck!

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