Yay … Losing Weight


Yes !!  A loss of 2.2 pounds for the week. Not too bad. So far, a total of 8.6 pounds lost. My BMI is 31.0, which is still in the obese range, albeit on the lower end. I still have 37.1 pounds to lose, so I still have a long ways to go.

But I’m feeling great with lots of motivation. So, hopefully, I will continue on this path for a very long time.

I found this Weight Diary app on my phone. I must have downloaded it a while ago. It’s just a tracking app.  So, when I looked at it I discovered that my last weight loss effort was from December 2012 to March 2013. In that time I lost 25.4 pounds, from a high of 179.3 to 153.9. So, from March 2013 to June 2015, I packed on 46.8 pounds. Geez.

I never want to do that again.

I finished Week 3 of the C25K on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I started Week 4. I usually wait a day or two between workouts but I thought I would see if I could do two workouts in a row. Week 4 Day 1 calls for 5 minute walking warmup, 3 minute run, 3 minute walk, 4 minute run, 3 minute walk, 5 minute run to finish up with a 5 minute cool down for a total of 28 minute workout. In that workout, I ran a total of 12 minutes. The total mileage was 2.13 at a 13:10 pace. Not too bad for an overweight old man.

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