A Monday Start

Hello Monday!

I dragged my fat ass out of bed this morning and actually worked through the Week Three Day Two of the C25K program. The work out calls for a 5 minute walking warm up, a 2 minute run, a 2 minute walk, a 3 minute run and a 2 minute walk. Repeat twice. And then finish up with a 5 minute cool down. A 26 minute workout with 10 minute of actual running.

And, I was slower this morning than I was on Friday evening. The mileage was 1.84 at a 14:06 pace.

And, to contrast this, I actually felt energetic this morning but I was slower than my last workout.

At least I’m progressing toward a goal.

It is kind of hard to drag myself out of bed in the mornings. In the distant past I preferred morning workouts to evening workouts. It seemed like evening workouts took so much time away from the family. However, since I don’t have a family anymore (live alone) it really wouldn’t matter if I did evening or morning workouts. Relationships are hard enough (married and otherwise) and at that time I would rather be involved with the family in the evenings instead of working out.

As it turns out, it really did not matter in the long run.

Yes, relationships are hard. So many expectations we place on each other. Some expectations are valid and legitimate and needed. Some, maybe most, expectations are just selfish and self-centered. Although we can hardly, if ever, tell the difference.

Here’s a photo from McNeely Park in Louisville Kentucky.

Photo from McNeely State Park in Louisville Kentucky.

Photo from McNeely State Park in Louisville Kentucky.

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