The Start of an Epic Quest

Like many worker bees in America, I had a three-day weekend to celebrate July Forth.

I debated on what to do with the extra time. And since my porch windows were not scheduled for delivery until July 5 and since there wasn’t much to do around the house that require large amounts of time, and I wasn’t required to show up to any family functions, I decided to start an Epic Quest.

Soon I will have a new page on the Current Mile titled Epic Quest that will explain everything involved. But, for starters, the Epic Quest is a goal requiring time, planning and endurance. It’s not something that can be achieved quickly or in a single session. It’s designed to keep me motivated and inspired for the long-term, months or maybe years. So when I have extra time and don’t know what to do I can always devote my efforts to an Epic Quest instead of sitting on the couch watching van dwelling You Tube videos.

My new Epic Quest is to hike every trail in every Indiana State Park. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails in Indiana State Parks and for this Epic Quest I will hike every one. On July 3 I drove to Spring Mill State Park and hiked over 8 miles in the thick humidity. I hiked every trail expect for one.

I have other Epic Quests … like to stand at every high point in the US. Climb all Colorado 14ers. Maybe even climb Everest one day. Maybe through hike the Appalachian Trail. There are all sorts of Epic Quests.

Since I’m single and alone it is easy to feel sorry for myself and spend evenings and weekends pissing away time on the couch or sleeping. I don’t mind occasionally doing that but when it become ‘normal’ there is a problem. An Epic Quest is designed to avoid wasting time. And I’ve wasted too much time already since Nikki left. This (I hope) will keep me active, give something to write about. I may even design a logo for each Quest and print t-shirts!

Raging creek in Spring Mill State Park. The trail to the Donaldson Cave is totally under water.

Raging creek in Spring Mill State Park. The trail to the Donaldson Cave is totally under water.

So … onward to the Epic Quest.

Here’s a photo from my recent Spring Mill hiking day, part of my Indiana State Parks Epic Quest.

2 thoughts on “The Start of an Epic Quest

  1. What a great idea – an Epic Quest! I’m going to borrow that if you don’t mind – and watch while you document yours. I need an Epic Quest in my life. Thanks!

    • KC … please do! I can’t claim total originality on the idea as my friends have done the same. But the Epic Quest is a great motivator! Good luck to you!

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