A Happy Camper


Yay! Weight loss. 5 pounds. Not bad for the first week’s effort. I know that it probably mostly water weight but it’s overall body weight so it’s good to get rid of it.

The enthusiasm is still high and the motivation is strong. So, hopefully, this next week will be just as good.

I believe a contributing factor to this weight loss is that I have not had a beer last week. In fact, I’ve had no beer in 9 days. Which is unusual for me. My average beer intake was 4 – 6 cans a night. I’m saving a lot of calories by not drinking beer. Although a beer would be nice once in a while.

Five pounds for the first week … not bad. If this rate continues I will reach my goal by the first of September. But, I know (from experience) that won’t happen. One or two pounds a week is more likely to be the average.

But five pounds for the first week is great! And I’m a happy camper today!

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