C25K and a Weight Loss

188.1   Yay! Double Yay.

After last week’s .3 pound gain, this week’s 4.4 pound loss is amazing.  Double amazing!

I was discouraged after last’s week weigh in. I was not giving up but I was discouraged. Of course, I decided to press on in spite of my disappointment. It wasn’t the amount of the gain that disappointed me … like, who could be disappointed in a third of a pound gain … it was the fact that is was a ‘gain’ when I wanted to be ‘lose’.

But today … awesome happy … mega smiles!

Last night, I followed Week 6 Day 2 of the C25K program, calling for an 18 minute run (2 intervals of 8 minutes and 10 minutes) and 11 minutes of walking. It was a very muggy evening. I was able to finish and even ran an extra 90 seconds on the last interval. I looked forward to Week 6 Day 3’s session, which calls for 20 minutes of non stop running. Wow. I hope I can do that.

On June 25, my starting weight was 200.1 and today’s weight is 188.1. I’m 5 weeks into this weight loss effort and I’ve lost 12 pounds so far. I’m 26.6% into my goal of losing 45.1 pounds. My weekly average weight loss is 2.4 pounds. My goal is to average between

I still have 33.1 pounds to lose … so I have a long ways to go. I’m really happy with the progress this week. I’m feeling good, the C25K program is working out, my eating is in control, drinking more water than diet soda, haven’t had a beer in over 5 weeks and my blood pressure is ‘normal’. Yay.


Window Fail

The windows were delivered on July 5 and I planned to install them right away. However, other things came in between me and the window install and the windows had to wait.

They have been standing in the kitchen (which still remains unpainted) for almost a month patiently waiting for me to find time to install them.

I started the “porch” project in November of 2014. The three season porch has one exterior wall that needed a new and fresh look. I took out the old windows and door and framed in a new exterior wall with rough openings for new windows and a door. I re-purposed an older door from another remodel job for this remodel job and finished the framing and sheathing and cover the window openings with plastic before the nasty part of winter set it.

Now, it’s the nasty part of summer with humidity and heat and I’m now just getting the time to install the windows. That’s how I roll, wait until the worst part of the summer to do the heavy work.

Not that I don’t have “time”. I have plenty of time since I’m not married any more and the kids are on their own. Time is one resource that I have plenty of. However, I don’t budget time very well so I don’t get much ‘improvement’ done. I ‘maintain’ the yard and house on a regular basis. A lot of time on maintaining but not a lot on improving.

So, anyways, I decide that Sunday, July 26, is the ‘day’ to install ‘one’ window. At least one window.

I’ve never installed a window before. I’ve done countless other framing and remodeling projects. But, never a window. I’ve installed interior and exterior doors but never a window.  Friends and family said that it was ‘nothing hard’ to install a window in new construction.

It took a while but on Sunday, July 26, I finally gathered the motivation and confidence and decided this was the day to install my first window. Yay!

And fail.

Not that anyone will believe me, but I did carefully measure and framed in the rough openings at 34.25″ x 58.25″ (WxH). I honestly made sure the rough openings were plum and level to the world. Countless trips to Lowes to double-check the windows I wanted to buy were showing the rough opening measurements that I have replicated on my new exterior wall.

All was in check and all was in order. The ducks were in a row.

I placed the order in late June for delivery in early July. The windows came on time. Everything was looking good.

I didn’t discover the windows were 4″ short in height until I placed one in the rough opening I have carefully measured and built.


I stood there in disbelief thinking that someone was playing a cruel prank.

However, the facts were facts and I had taken delivery of windows that were four inches shorter than the one I had ordered. Or, thought I had ordered.

However, in reality, I had ordered these windows. Somehow, when the ordered was entered and I had approved and signed and paid the money, the windows I was ordering were 4″ shorter than what I believed I was ordering. I signed the delivery receipt but never noticed the discrepancy.

Geez. How embarrassing.

After a few minutes of self loathing and self-flagellation, I decided to press on and use these windows instead of taking the time and hassle to ship them back. I blocked in new framing to fill in the 4 inch gap. and once I cover the ‘holes’ with sheathing and siding, no one will know.

Two installed windows next to the rough opening of a third.

Two installed windows next to the rough opening of a third.


Starting Week 6

I’m progressing through the C25K program.

On Monday, July 27, I started Week 6 with 18 minutes of running (two intervals of 6 and 12 minutes) and 11 minutes of walking. Even with the heat and humidity, I was able to finish the 2.47 miles with a 11:47 pace. I believe this is my faster pace yet.

I will most likely cross train on the Bowflex this evening instead of taking the evening off entirely. The Bowflex is a hard machine to conquer and 15 minutes on it is really enough for me.

Last night was a stuffy evening with the heat and humidity. I’ve been watching the dog for a few days while my ex-wife recovers from a separated shoulder. Sam is a golden retriever and still a puppy at heart. He likes to beat the heat with a dip in his Doggie Spa!

Sam In Doggie Spa

Sam, a golden retriever, enjoys time in his cold water Doggie Spa to beat the heat and humidity.


Saturday Morning “Long” Run

Ah … Saturday morning.

In the past, when I was a consistent runner, Saturday mornings were reserved for the “long” run. The long run was considerably longer (duh … long run) than usual week day mileage. And if I was “in training” for an event, the long run was whatever the training schedule called for.

However, since I am working through the C25K program, the Saturday long run is really nothing more that whatever the program calls for. So, there’s not really a Saturday long run during the C25K program.

I really miss the Saturday long run. So, this morning, after I completed Week 5 Day 3 of the C25K program, I decided to see if I could run a full mile without stopping.

This morning, the C25K program called for a total of 18 minutes of running with an 8 minute and 10 minute interval with 12 minutes of walking for a total of 30 minutes. I ran kind of slower this session at a 12:16 pace for the 2.45 miles. Although, it was a very comfortable run.

So, after I completed the C25K session, I continued running for a complete mile without stopping! Yay. A Saturday long run.

When I was a consistent running, my Saturday morning long runs were usually 10 miles. I hope to get back to that mileage … but for right now, I’m happy with a 1 mile Saturday long run.

Here’s a photo I took at Spring Mill State Park (Indiana) on July 3, 2015. Trail 2 was a .5 mile connecting the Nature Center to the Pioneer Village.

Trail Sign

Trail Sign … on trail 2

Disappointing but Life Is Good


Bummer. Disappointing. Discouraging.

I realize it is only a .3 pound gain from last week. But still. I kept my eating in control, drank plenty of water, kept on the exercise schedule. And drank no beer at all. Geez.

So I did everything right but still gain weight? How does that happen?

The sensible and realistic person in me says that “it’s only .3 pounds … give it a rest … it will be different next week”. But the perfectionist in me says “you’re not doing something right … you loser”.


Wise people have said that losing weight is a slow and steady progress. And this is an example of the slow and steady process. As long as I keep on track I’m certain the scale will say something different next week.

I knew a weight gain would happen soon or later. But, I really didn’t expect it to be “sooner”. I would have wished for a small gain “later”. But, whatever.

So, I’ve been at this effort for a month and I lost 8.2 pounds. My weekly weight loss average is 2.05 pounds, which isn’t too bad. If I continue with losing eight pounds a month, it will take about 6 months to lose all the weight.

To look on the brighter side … this morning my blood pressure was 115/77, which is ‘normal’. And, I haven’t been normal in many years. I’m not normal in other ways either but my doctor will be happy to see a normal blood pressure reading. And, I’m feeling thinner … at least I “think” I feel thinner. My running is progressing. I’m looking forward to future 5K and 10K events. Maybe even a mini marathon.

So, I’ll be happy with a .3 pound gain. At least it’s not a 2.3 pound gain. If you consider that my weight was 153.9 on March 20, 2013 and that my weight on June 25, 2015, which is a 46.8 pound gain over 26 months … I’ll be ok with a .3 pound gain over a week.

As long as next week shows something different … especially a weight loss.

I’ll get back down to 153.9 sometime soon. Obviously I didn’t make any progress on the scale this week but hopefully next week I will have an amazing weight loss to report.

Wishing everyone better success on their weight loss efforts!

The Life Is Good store in Nashville, Indiana.

The Life Is Good store in Nashville, Indiana.

Started C25K Week 5

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I started this weight loss effort and the C25K. I’m feeling good and still motivated.

It also means it’s been a month since I’ve been back from the Colorado 2015 adventure, which has become the impetus for the weight loss effort and the C25K. I plan to return to Colorado in 2016 and I don’t want to be fat and overweight and so out of shape when I try to hike the Colorado trails.

Week 5 starts off with a 17 minute run, broken into 5 – 7 – 5 minute intervals with 2 minute walking breaks between each interval. It is a step up from the 12 minute total run from the last day of Week 4.

I wasn’t certain that I would make it through the second 5 minute run … but I did. Thankfully.

Actually, even with the extra 5 minutes, the workout was relaxing. It wasn’t my best day at the office and I was a little depressed about my son’s birthday (he’s 24). His birthday, as any of my kids’ birthdays, reminds me that I’m getting older. The workout relaxed me and gave me a feeling that I was working toward a goal and not just wasting any more time.

I’ve also been looking at the racing calendar from the Indy Runners Club. I won’t be ready for an official 5K until mid to late August. Even so, I’m looking forward to participating in a local 5K and so looking at the calendar.

Sign post at mile twelve on the Gore Valley Trail, Vail Colorado.

Sign post at mile twelve on the Gore Valley Trail, Vail Colorado.


Week 4 Complete with a MiO

Hello Everyone …

I completed Week 4 of the C25K program. Yay. The final session in the week called for 13 minutes of running spilt into 3, 6 and 4 minutes intervals. Even with the heat and high humidity, the 13 minutes wasn’t all that bad. The mileage was 2.21 at a 13:09 pace.


Today is my son’s birthday. Alex, brother to Jacob. We are having a party to celebrate his 24 years at his favorite Japanese steak house this evening. I will try to fit in a repeat of the Week 4 Day 3 workout before the party. On Wednesday night, I have an appointment that will take all evening so I will not be able to exercise at all. And with the Thursday morning weigh-in only a few days away, I want to get in as much exercise as I possibly can.

This morning, my blood pressure was 116/81. That is the lowest I’ve seen it in a very long time, maybe even years. I’ve stayed away from process and high sodium foods and stopped drinking beer … maybe that has something to do with it.

I’ve also started drinking more water and decreased my consumption of diet soda. I’ve experimented with those flavor things you can buy for water. Plain water is ok but I like the flavors too.

I’ve bought a few of the MiO Liquid Water Enhancers (here’s the website: http://www.makeitmio.com). It’s a cool web site. Not promoting it or anything of the like but it’s what I’ve been buying lately. Last night, I picked up the Orange Vanilla flavor from their Artist Series. This flavor reminds me of those orange ice cream bars I bought from the ice cream truck when I was a kid. Kind of cool.

The bottle of Orange Vanilla is decorated with an illustration from Sophie Roach. Here’s her web site http://sophieroach.com. She has some cool artwork. I like her style.

MiO bottle with artwork by Sophie Roach

MiO bottle with artwork by Sophie Roach


Yay … Losing Weight


Yes !!  A loss of 2.2 pounds for the week. Not too bad. So far, a total of 8.6 pounds lost. My BMI is 31.0, which is still in the obese range, albeit on the lower end. I still have 37.1 pounds to lose, so I still have a long ways to go.

But I’m feeling great with lots of motivation. So, hopefully, I will continue on this path for a very long time.

I found this Weight Diary app on my phone. I must have downloaded it a while ago. It’s just a tracking app.  So, when I looked at it I discovered that my last weight loss effort was from December 2012 to March 2013. In that time I lost 25.4 pounds, from a high of 179.3 to 153.9. So, from March 2013 to June 2015, I packed on 46.8 pounds. Geez.

I never want to do that again.

I finished Week 3 of the C25K on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I started Week 4. I usually wait a day or two between workouts but I thought I would see if I could do two workouts in a row. Week 4 Day 1 calls for 5 minute walking warmup, 3 minute run, 3 minute walk, 4 minute run, 3 minute walk, 5 minute run to finish up with a 5 minute cool down for a total of 28 minute workout. In that workout, I ran a total of 12 minutes. The total mileage was 2.13 at a 13:10 pace. Not too bad for an overweight old man.

A Monday Start

Hello Monday!

I dragged my fat ass out of bed this morning and actually worked through the Week Three Day Two of the C25K program. The work out calls for a 5 minute walking warm up, a 2 minute run, a 2 minute walk, a 3 minute run and a 2 minute walk. Repeat twice. And then finish up with a 5 minute cool down. A 26 minute workout with 10 minute of actual running.

And, I was slower this morning than I was on Friday evening. The mileage was 1.84 at a 14:06 pace.

And, to contrast this, I actually felt energetic this morning but I was slower than my last workout.

At least I’m progressing toward a goal.

It is kind of hard to drag myself out of bed in the mornings. In the distant past I preferred morning workouts to evening workouts. It seemed like evening workouts took so much time away from the family. However, since I don’t have a family anymore (live alone) it really wouldn’t matter if I did evening or morning workouts. Relationships are hard enough (married and otherwise) and at that time I would rather be involved with the family in the evenings instead of working out.

As it turns out, it really did not matter in the long run.

Yes, relationships are hard. So many expectations we place on each other. Some expectations are valid and legitimate and needed. Some, maybe most, expectations are just selfish and self-centered. Although we can hardly, if ever, tell the difference.

Here’s a photo from McNeely Park in Louisville Kentucky.

Photo from McNeely State Park in Louisville Kentucky.

Photo from McNeely State Park in Louisville Kentucky.

Progressing …

So … I completed the second week of the C25K program. My performance in the final day of the second week was less than the second day of the second week. My distance was 1.90 miles at 14:33 per mile. The second day my pace was 14:19. So, a little slower. But, I’m still progressing and moving forward.

At least on a bright note, I got my fat lazy slug ass out of bed this morning and did the workout instead of waiting until this evening after work. That is a major break with my usual habit of staying in bed until the last moment before I need to rush to work. It was a good morning, kind of cool, windy, slight drizzle. It was good to be up and exercising in the morning. It was relaxing.

So about the weight in … since Thursday mornings are my chosen time to weigh in.


Is that good? It’s down 1.4 pounds from last week. My goal is at least 1 pound a week. The health experts say 1 – 2 pounds a week is healthy. So, I guess I had a healthy weight lose for the week. Yay!

However, I really wanted to see something bigger … like at least 5 pounds, maybe more! But I know that is not realistic. Maybe a fantasy, but not realistic. I’m happy with the 1.4 pounds this week.

My eating has been in control. Except for last night where I had an ultra gross hamburger from an expensive restaurant with a Vegas theme on the south side of Indianapolis, I’ve stuck to my

Monument Rock in Kansas

Monument Rock in Kansas

modified Subway diet and vegetable juice and water. I’m certain once my running and other exercising really kicks in the weight lose may increase.

Anyways … here’s a photo from the Monument Rock … one of the 8 wonders of Kansas. I was there on a foggy morning so my photo isn’t the best. A unique site, worth the drive on a rutted dirt road in the badlands of Kansas!