A Starting Weight

On Thursday, June 25, I finally stepped on the bathroom scale.

I wasn’t shocked at the weight. Actually, I expected more. I secretly wished for less.

But the reality was 200.7 pounds.

Can I believe it? On one hand, yes, I believe it. After all the beer and junk food and lack of exercise for the past year I really should say “only 200.7?”. On the other hand, I’m ashamed that I let myself degrade to that weight again.

As they say … It is what it is.

So, 200.7 is my starting weight. If I lose a pound a week then it would take 46 weeks to make it to my goal weight of 155. If everything goes as planned and as hoped, then by mid January 2016, I should be at my goal weight.

The 155 pound goal weight was calculated using the BMI. Actually, any weight between 154.9 and 115 would be considered “normal” for my height. So, I tagged 155 as the goal weight.

According to the BMI, I am obese with a BMI of 32.4.

At one point I did weighed 155 pounds. It was about 4 years ago after a major weight loss and exercise campaign. So, I know it can be done. Just a simple formula of calories in and calories out. Eat less and exercise more. Drink more water. Drink less soda. So simple.

And so hard.

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