The End of An Affair

No beer for the last two days. Yay. A personal best for me.

At my last appointment, the doctor scolded me and said that I need to cut back on beer, sodium and calories. And, she added, I needed to increase my exercise.

I’m certain her short but firm lecture had something to do with my sharp weight gain and high blood pressure.

I agreed that I should cut back on calories and sodium and increase exercise … but beer? I told her that I don’t think I could cut back on beer. After all, the company I work for provides glycol chillers to breweries. I had to be fluent on “beer”. And fluency meant I had to drink many different types of beer.

“How much beer do you drink a day?” she asked.

My instant response, “About 4 – 6 cans, on average”.

I think she rolled her eyes as if anyone with any intelligence would know the immediate answer. She searched for a pad of paper and pencil. She wrote:

5 x 200 = 1000.

I knew what she was illustrating. I knew that every Bub Light or Samuel Adams Lite or an IPA averaged about 200 calories a can. Some craft beers are even more in calories.

She pointed out the obvious. “If you cut back on the beer you will cut a thousand calories a day”.

So obvious. So true. Yet, so hard.

I know I need to cut back on the beer. I know that every time I open a can and hear the crack of the seal and the whoosh of the carbonation, that every sip, every gulp is extra calories that I don’t need.

But the high, the buzz, the intoxication, the inebriation is wonderful. It helps me cope, helps me forget, helps me relax. The world does indeed look better after a beer.

But, it’s getting out of hand. I’m not reckless when I have beer and my policy is that I drink at home and once I start I never drive. So I spend a lot of evenings and days at home. And, I have gained way too much weight. My fitness has degrade to the point where I can hardly climb a flight of stairs without breathing hard. And, my recent trip to Colorado could have been a better time had I been in better shape.

So, hopefully, the end of my year-long excessive affair with beer has come. I’ve decided to stop my excessive drinking. Hopefully, I will trade the cans of beer for better fitness and health, mental and physical. I plan to restart the C25K in the next few days (when my new running shoes arrive from so maybe I am on my way to better health and life.

Wish me luck !!!

River Runners Pale Ale. I had this pint at Doc's Bar and Grille in Leadville Colorado.

River Runners Pale Ale. I had this pint at Doc’s Bar and Grille in Leadville Colorado. Wonderful. Simply Wonderful. Will be missed.

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