Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

I ran 3.5 miles this evening. My pace was about 10:20 per mile. Although a year ago I was running at 9:20, a pace of 10:20 is completely and totally fine with me. I am just so happy to be running again.

It wasn’t easy to run those 3.5 miles. I wanted to quit after a mile. A year ago, I would would have thought that 3.5 miles was just a warm up. Now, I am so ever thankful for 3.5 miles. Ever so thankful.

To confess … I once believed that (for me) anything over a ten minute mile was a result of being lazy and not giving my best. Now, when I do give my best, my fullest, my all, and clock in at 10:20, I’m am so happy that I could just run.

Thank God that I can run. So many can’t when they desire to.