Second Week

c25k_week2_day1Yay !! I started the second week of the Couch to 5K program. Not only have I started the second week … I also finished the first week!

Small success like these are giving me some momentum to carry on. And the greatest news is that there is no pain in either leg. Double Yay !! Hopefully the stress fracture and shin splints are totally healed.

For Week 2 Day 1, the program called for three sets of running for 90 seconds, walking for 90 seconds, running for another 90 seconds and then walking for two minutes. I covered 1.91 miles at a pace of 14:23.

While it doesn’t seem like a lot of effort (like who can’t run for at least 90 seconds) … it is a lot of effort for me right now. I was ready to stop at the end of the 28 minute workout. Hopefully, in about seven weeks I will be running a 5K non stop.

This morning, I reflected on the time I could run 6 – 10 miles several times a week without stopping and with almost no real effort. I was at my running peak at that time. This was years ago when life seemed so grand. At that time I looked down on “only” running a 5K thinking that it wasn’t worth the effort to “just” run “only” 3 miles when I could run so much farther. Not that I looked down on people who ran 5K’s as I ran in those events too but I thought to myself that since I can run 6 – 10 miles then running for 3 miles isn’t worth the effort because I should do more because I can do more.

I didn’t realize how I was so proud of myself when I thought like that. Right now, running a 5K seems almost impossible. And I can’t even imagine running 6 – 10 miles. Once again, I’m humbled. I never want to take running for granted again.


1 thought on “Second Week

  1. While I know it’s frustrating to take some steps backwards, it is great to have the humbling experiences. You’ll get back to running more and it will feel even better because you’ve worked so hard to get there. You’re doing great!

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