Maybe Some Hope

C25K_photo_001Yay … I ran. It wasn’t far or fast. And I repeated Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K program (again).

The Double Yay is that there was no pain during the run or after the run. Maybe that nasty stress fracture has finally healed.

I have really, really, really missed the running. Most everything in my life is falling (or has fallen) apart. It was a huge blow to me when my running fell apart too … curse that nasty stress fracture. But, this morning, there was no pain. Maybe there is hope in the future.

Yes … maybe some hope.

3 thoughts on “Maybe Some Hope

  1. Yeah!! I have started the c25k program as well, and will do Week 2 Day 3 today. I’m going extremely slow so I don’t injure myself, but I am really enjoying it. I’ll likely repeat these easier workouts and work on building my speed before moving on.

    • Hi Teresa … I’m going slow too so I don’t get another stress fracture again. That was too painful in too many ways. I wish you the best.

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