Happy Monday

c25k_week4_day1I started Week 4 of the C25k program. The intervals started with a 5 minute walking warm up and then a 3 minute run and a 3 minute walk and then a 4 minute run and then a 3 minute walk and then a 5 minute walk and finished with a 5 minute walking cool down.

I was somewhat apprehensive to start Week 4 as I didn’t think I had the stamina to complete the 5 minute run. But much to my surprise, I was able to and it really wasn’t the worst of struggles, although it did take some effort. I can feel my fitness starting to come back, which is a great thing.

In the 28 minute work out, I was able to run about 2 miles at a pace of 13:49. Yay!



Saturday Long Run

I don’t know if less than 3 miles of walking and running can be defined as a “long” run. But, that is all I could muster right now. Although I’m looking forward to the day when my long runs will cover 10+ miles. But right now, I”m totally satisfied with less than 3 miles. Actually I’m grateful for those 3 miles of walking and running … more walking than running but I’m so very grateful.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Running In A New Direction

I’ve followed Michael Stafford (mike-hikes.com) as he walks across American. He’s a young man, 27 years old. He started his walk in Virginia Beach, Virginia and has now stepped into California. I just happened to stumble on his web site early in his walk and I’ve checked his site several times a week to see where he is at.

My current read is a book published in the late ’70’s. The title of the book is “The Road Unseen” by Peter and Barbara Jenkins. The book has their story of walking from New Orléans to Oregon, just after they were married. It’s a story of how the Lord worked in their lives as they progressed in their walk.

I read Peter Jenkins’ book “A Walk Across America” when I was in high school and always dreamed of doing my own ‘walk’. I’ve thru hiked Indiana’s Knobstone Trail several times but always wanted to do a long walk as Mike is doing and Peter has done.

Mike posted a link to the web site of a couple who ‘ditched’ (by choice) their lifestyle and traveled the globe for a year. He met Larissa and Michael while he was in Death Valley. They told the story that once they came home they decided to extend their travels and now live on the road. What this couple is doing in their midlife is what I imagined my wife and I would do in our retirement. Their web site is here.

So it occurred to me that we all ‘walk’ somewhere and that our walk takes on many forms and styles and directions. Mike walks alone pushing a cart with his food and gear. Larissa and Michael drive in their car. Peter and Barbara carried backpacks. Even if our walk isn’t similar to Mike’s or Peter’s or Larissa and Michael’s, we are ‘metaphorically’ walking through life, even if our walk takes the routine of a daily job and family.

Even though Peter and Barbara divorced in the mid ’80’s, I was sad to hear about it. I’ve been divorced and it’s a hard road to walk on. Although the walk gets easier as time moves along, divorce is still hard. My first divorce was back in ’99. I married my second wife in ’01 and started walking arm in arm with my hazel eyed lovely bride.

But thirteen years later I start walking alone.

She decided to start her own walk, without me. She moves out today into a small apartment a couple of miles away from ‘our’ house. She wanted or needed to move out. The kids pretty much are grown up and moving in their own directions and she decided it was time for her to move in her own direction too.

Without me.

I’m sad. I honestly believed that she and I would be together forever. I wanted to grow old with her. I wanted to be married to her for 50+ years. I believed that she was my soul mate and I honestly believed that I provided all that she needed and wanted. But, as she has said several times in different occasions, I can’t provided everything.

Maybe it’s was our ages. When we married in 2001 I was only 39 and she was 24. My kids from my first marriage were already teenagers and living with their mom. Her kids from her first marriage were under 5 years old. We blended well. I thought we had a great life. Of course there were struggles and difficulties but I always believed that even a bad day with her was better than a good day with someone else. Her youth was energy and her smile and personality was inviting. I loved her so very much.

But, as I am realizing, that our walks through life can take new directions and new twists and turns can come up without any warning. Sometimes things don’t work out as we believe they should or want them to work out. And today, we spilt and she starts walking in her new direction.

I’m certain that any married person fantasizes or dreams about being single again and wondering what their life would be like if they weren’t married. I confess that I’ve had those fleeting fantasies of being free and able to do as I please no longer chained to certain expectations and nags and rules that seem to confine.

In honesty, I don’t want to be free in that regard. I don’t really want to walk alone. I want to walk with her.

But, as she has said several times, I can’t walk with her any longer.

So, my current mile is starting in a new direction down a road that I reluctantly have to travel on. It guarantees to be a hard and lonely one. I’m sure that I will be ok. Thankfully, if my running has taught me anything, one mile is hard but the next one could be easy.


Week 3 Day 2

c25k_week3_day1This morning, in 96% humidity, I worked through Week 3 Day 2 of the C25K program where there were two sets of running for 2 minutes and then walking 2 minutes then running for 3 more minutes and walk 2 minutes. The two sets were enough for me this morning.

I only covered 1.84 miles at a 14:09 pace. I wish I could do more … one day I will do more.


I really need to stop drinking for much beer because I know it is really interfering with me getting back on track. I believe that I will repeat Week 3 before moving onto Week 4. I’m just not feeling the strength and fitness coming back (maybe it’s the beer).

Wishing everyone the best today !!!!!

Starting Week 3

c25k_week3_day1.pngI started Week 3 of the C25K program. The program called for 2 minutes of running and then walking for 2 minutes and then running for 3 minutes and then walking for 2 minutes. And, repeat twice. So, in this session, I ran for a total of 10 minutes (2 sets of 5 minutes each). I ran 1.82 miles at a 14:17 pace.

During the 26 minute session (yes … the App tells you how long you will exercise for the session – kind of cool) I never felt like it was “too” difficult, thankfully. Although I was happy to finish. I know that this is just one more step toward recovering my fitness. At one point, I would have thought that 10 minutes of running isn’t worth the effort. Now, I know better than to think like that. 10 minutes of running is worth every ounce of effort.

I may repeat this session tomorrow. When I had my fitness and when I was running a lot, Saturday mornings were reserved for the ‘long run’, where I would run 8 – 12 miles. Now, I will be satisfied and grateful with a 10 minute ‘long’ run and look forward to the day when I can again do 8 – 12 on a Saturday morning.

Finished The Second Week

c25k_week2_day3I finished the second week of the C25K program. Yay!! For Week 2, each day had the same schedule, where I ran for 90 seconds, then walked for 90 seconds, then ran for 90 seconds and then walked for two minutes. For today’s session, I ran 1.91 miles at a 14:24 pace. Not too bad for an old overweight 2xl loser like myself!

I’m looking forward to Week 3. And, I’m actually starting to feel better about some things now. It’s been a hard road to this point but maybe there is hope in my future. I’ve really missed my running. I’m thankful for whoever created the C25K program because it is a great way to get back into it.

I hope everyone has a great day today !!!

Second Week

c25k_week2_day1Yay !! I started the second week of the Couch to 5K program. Not only have I started the second week … I also finished the first week!

Small success like these are giving me some momentum to carry on. And the greatest news is that there is no pain in either leg. Double Yay !! Hopefully the stress fracture and shin splints are totally healed.

For Week 2 Day 1, the program called for three sets of running for 90 seconds, walking for 90 seconds, running for another 90 seconds and then walking for two minutes. I covered 1.91 miles at a pace of 14:23.

While it doesn’t seem like a lot of effort (like who can’t run for at least 90 seconds) … it is a lot of effort for me right now. I was ready to stop at the end of the 28 minute workout. Hopefully, in about seven weeks I will be running a 5K non stop.

This morning, I reflected on the time I could run 6 – 10 miles several times a week without stopping and with almost no real effort. I was at my running peak at that time. This was years ago when life seemed so grand. At that time I looked down on “only” running a 5K thinking that it wasn’t worth the effort to “just” run “only” 3 miles when I could run so much farther. Not that I looked down on people who ran 5K’s as I ran in those events too but I thought to myself that since I can run 6 – 10 miles then running for 3 miles isn’t worth the effort because I should do more because I can do more.

I didn’t realize how I was so proud of myself when I thought like that. Right now, running a 5K seems almost impossible. And I can’t even imagine running 6 – 10 miles. Once again, I’m humbled. I never want to take running for granted again.