Am I Lost?

wonderNotLostPhotoIt was a different world for me in the late ’60s and 70’s when I was growing up. Black and white TV was still the norm and summer vacations were longer. Today, video games and the internet seem to keep so many indoors. Unlike in my youthful world, staying indoors on bright and sunny summer days was unthinkable. There was nothing to do inside a hot and stuffy house. There was a world outside the house to explore.

On my youthful summer days, it was not uncommon for me to walk along the creek and kick and throw rocks, explore the wooded areas, listen to the trees and the wind. Although I spent much of my summer days wandering around the country side and my feet and on my bike, I was never lost. I always knew where home was.

I miss those days of youthful bliss and unknown ignorance. Today I worry about stress fractures and broken bones and insurance premiums to pay for the stress fractures and broken bones. I should and need to worry about that since I’m an adult and have to provide for myself and the people dependent on me. Yet, I miss so much the time I spent roaming and exploring, carefree and happy and so very blessed.

Onward now …



2 thoughts on “Am I Lost?

  1. No… you’re not lost … but yes… it is a different world… I am only 35 and I sometimes feel shocked about how life has changed so much since I was a teen… BTW… wanted to tell you I feel God put you in my mind today… and for some reason a song popped in my head… so I thought it might be connected and I of course will share: hopefully it will bless you. 🙂

    • Thank you Sweet Thin Lady Inside … I appreciate your prayers and thoughts and the song inspired and blessed me. It is such a different world … so different than what I expected it to be at this stage. Thankfully, the Lord does not change. God bless you, Thin Lady Inside !!!!

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